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Zhu Lin: “No matter what, she has angered the netizens.”

Below the trending searches, everyone was scolding Nan Wan for being brainless.

Shi Xi clicked on the video and looked at the details.

Only then did she know that Nan Wan had been scolded well.

In the video, Zhuang Xuan had originally wanted Nan Wan to start a fire, but Nan Wan felt that it was dirty.

Zhuang Xuan had Nan Wan sit and wait for dinner, and Nan Wan wanted to take advantage of the camera in the kitchen again.

However, her hands were covered in fluffy manicured nails, so she could not wash the vegetables.

She could not even wash her hands.

When another person said that they were going to cut the leeks and pull out two scallions, Nan Wan took the initiative to raise her hand and accept the task of cutting the leeks and pulling out the scallions.

Zhuang Xuan even specially asked, “Do you know how to cut the leeks”

Nan Wan took the knife and said, “Yes!”

When they reached the vegetable garden, Nan Wan looked at the scallions in front of her and sighed, “As expected of the leeks that were grown at home.

Its so big!”

Thus, Nan Wan squatted down and used a knife to cut the scallions neatly.

After seeing theleeks, Nan Wan grabbed two and took them back.

Bullet comments: [Nan Wan knows how to cut leeks, its just that she doesnt know leeks.]

[Im dying of laughter, whats wrong with Nan Wan Shes just an ordinary dumb beauty.]

[No way, no way It cant be that theres really someone who cant recognize leeks and scallions, right Nan Wans act is obviously intentional!]

[Regardless of whether its stupid or intentional, this act is enough.]


Shi Xi looked at the comments and said, “Is Nan Wan taking the black-and-red route”

Zhu Lin muttered, “Even if shes being black, she wont become famous, right This trending search is also bought.”

Shi Xi ate another plum and no longer paid attention to this stupid matter.

“Hows the investigation on Nan Wans age coming along”

At this point, Zhu Lins eyes were burning with gossip.

“I followed her school and found out where she was from.

According to my deduction, she should be 27 this year, not 24!”

Shi Xi was surprised.

“27 That doesnt seem to be the case!”

Zhu Lin said, “Most people in the industry know how to delay aging.

She just looks young.”

“What I mean is, her brain doesnt look like a 27-year-olds.” Shi Xi added, “Besides, she called so many peoplebig brother.

That shouldnt be the case, right”

Zhu Lin said, “Who doesnt know how to act young”

Shi Xi leaned against the sofa.

“Go find solid evidence.

When the time is right, send it out.”

Zhu Lin made anOK gesture.

She was in a great mood, so Shi Xi was no longer so resistant to the upcoming love variety show.

Yes, she was going to participate in a love variety show.

According to Han Chuans arrangements, Shi Xi should be joining the crew now to shoot a new show made by Kuai Xue Entertainment.

However, just as the filming was about to start, the male lead, Lou Ruicong, suddenly said that he wanted to go skiing in the Alps, so the filming time had to be postponed again.

Whether it was waiting for this ski competition or finding a new male lead, they all needed time.

Everyone in the production team had seen it clearly.

Since they had already postponed it once, it was fine to postpone it again.

Taking advantage of this time, Han Chuan boldly accepted a love variety show for Shi Xi.

[Secret Love Exchange]

When Shi Xi entered the set, she was a little nervous.

There was too little content in the script this time, so she didnt even know the identities of the other guests.

The director only told her to show her true self according to her feelings.

Han Chuan told her to carry out the sweet girl character and never let her character fall apart.

Pushing her suitcase into the villa, Shi Xi found that she was the first to come.

So, she could choose the room first

Shi Xis eyes lit up.

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