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How should I explain this!

Should I explain that Im a pervert!


Shi Xis words were stuck on the tip of her tongue.

“Theres no need to explain.

I know that my figure is very good.” Guan Tong lowered her head to write something and said, “The male patients heartbeat is faster.”

Shi Xi simply changed the topic.

“Are you prescribing medicine”

“Some traditional Chinese medicine that recuperates the body.” Guan Tong finished writing very quickly.

She asked, “During this period of time, have you been having irregular periods, stomach discomfort, chest distension, shortness of breath, dizziness, and weakness”

Shi Xi nodded.

“Dont stay up late, eat normally, and eat less junk food.” After Guan Tong finished writing.

She tore off the paper and handed it to Shi Xi.

“There are medicinal ingredients on it.

Just take the medicine according to it.”

Shi Xi took it and took a look.

The words were just like her.

Guan Tongs words were elegant and handsome.

Fortunately, it wasnt the type of words from doctors that others couldnt understand.

“The last line is my cell phone number and WeChat.

If youre sick, you can look for me.” Guan Tong looked at Shi Xi.

“If youre not sick, you can also look for me.”

Shi Xi wanted to add this cold and beautiful beauty immediately.

“That, so I… Whats my illness” Shi Xi asked.

Guan Tong closed the suitcase, stood up, and said plainly, “Nothing.

Its just a normal sign of a cerebral infarction.”

Shi Xi was instantly jolted awake.

“Cerebral infarction”


Guan Tongs reaction was much calmer.

“Just follow the doctors advice.

Any other questions”

Shi Xi was stunned for a moment and asked, “Then do I have to make a will in advance”

“If you want to make a will, I can introduce you to lawyers in this area.” Guan Tong paused for a moment, “But looking at your body, you still have at least 40 to 50 years of life left.

You might live longer than those lawyers.”

Shi XI heaved a sigh of relief and asked, “Arent you going to sit for a while longer”

Guan Tong looked at her watch.

“I have to rush to see the next patient.

From her description, it looks like a stomach perforation.”

Shi Xi:

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