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Xie Yunzhou asked, “Where are you”

“Yanjing.” Shi Xi asked doubtfully, “Whats wrong”

She was still filming in Yanjing recently.

If she had known earlier, she would have applied to Yanjing University.

Now, she didnt have to keep applying for leave.

She was a little worried that she would be expelled from Haicheng University.

It was too late for regrets.

Xie Yunzhou asked, “Address”

Shi Xi said, “Its at Marriott Hotel — Why are you asking about this”

“Im sending a private doctor over now.

Hell be there in half an hour.” Xie Yunzhous voice was calm as usual.

“Get a private doctor to give you a checkup.”

“Huh” Shi Xi was puzzled.

“Give me a checkup Im fine!”

Youre the one who should see a doctor, right!

“You didnt go to see a doctor for your allergies.

Your face has been red and swollen for five consecutive days,” Xie Yunzhou stated coldly.

“But I took my allergy medicine.

The swelling subsided on the third day, and I recovered on the fifth day.” After Shi Xi explained, she asked, “How do you know so much”

Even Shi Xu didnt even know this much, right

Xie Yunzhou didnt answer.

Instead, he asked, “Do your ankles still hurt”

Shi Xi moved her feet.

“Which foot are you asking about”

Xie Yunzhou: “…”

“Cough, it doesnt hurt anymore.

Ill avoid strenuous exercise in the near future,” Shi Xi said obediently.

“Youre not allowed to wear high heels,” Xie Yunzhou added.

“Alright, alright, I got it.” Shi Xi said again, “Dont let the private doctor come over.

Im really fine!”

Xie Yunzhou: “Just treat it as a simple routine check-up.

Whats the room number”

Shi Xi didnt say anything.

“Dont worry, its a female doctor.” Xie Yunzhou saw through Shi Xis worry at a glance.

Shi Xi thought to herself,I am not worried about a doctor at all.

But now that she was riding a tiger, she had no choice but to report the room number.

She no longer casually concealed her illness.

Twenty minutes later, Shi Xi heard a knock on the door.

When she opened the door, there was an indifferent woman wearing glasses standing outside.

Her appearance was cold and elegant.

She was carrying a small brown leather suitcase in her hand.

Her black suit could not hide her perfect figure.

Under her skirt, she wore black stockings.

Her long and straight legs were comparable to a models.

“Shi Xi” The womans gaze was indifferent as she scanned Shi Xi from head to toe.

“Its me.

Are you Doctor Guan Tong” Shi Xi asked.

“Yes.” Guan Tong walked into the room in her high heels.

Shi Xis gaze swept past the elegant ladys s-shaped curve.

When she closed the door, Shi Xi heard the sound of spraying.

She looked over in puzzlement and found that Guan Tong was spraying the sofa with disinfectant.

Shi Xi: …Alright, all doctors have a little mysophobia.

She took a bottle of mineral water from the refrigerator and placed it on the table.

“Sit down.

Ill check your pulse first,” Guan Tong said.

Shi Xi looked at the seat next to Guan Tong and then at the neighboring single-seater sofa.

She decisively chose the single-seater sofa.

Guan Tong took out a piece of gauze and covered it on Shi Xis wrist before she started to take her pulse.

After taking her pulse, Guan Tong took out a stethoscope from her leather suitcase.

Shi XI asked, “Are you a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner or a Western medicine practitioner”

“Cant I dual cultivate” Guan Tong glanced at her indifferently.


“Of course you can.” Shi Xi shut up.

She didnt point fingers at other peoples professionalism.

However, Shi Xi wasnt used to being so close to a cold beauty.

Shi Xis eyes couldnt help but want to look at the cold beautys breasts or legs.

“Your heart is beating a little fast.” Guan Tong put away her stethoscope and wiped it clean with a disinfectant towel before putting away her small suitcase.

“Its not because Im sick, its because…” Shi Xi tried to explain her abnormality.

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