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After the news spread online, Shi Xi received a call from Shi Xu.

And it was a video call.

“Are you alright” Shi Xu asked.

“Uh, my allergic reaction is very weak.

Ive recovered after taking the medicine.” Shi Xi held her face.

“Look, my face is fine.”

Shi Xu: “So, youre really allergic”

Shi Xi nodded.

“Why didnt you tell me” Shi Xu frowned slightly, his eyes filled with displeasure.

“Its just a small matter.

I didnt want to tell you guys and make you worry,” Shi Xi said.

“Dad and Mom dont know, right”

“You still want to hide it from me” Mother Shi couldnt help but snatch the phone from him.

She nagged, “I told you not to enter the entertainment industry, but you just didnt listen.

Did you have to wait until you hit your head and regret it Cant you just go to school properly How much money can you earn in the entertainment industry In the future, you…”

Shi Xi interrupted, “Mom, this scarf is new, right Its really beautiful.”

Mother Shi pulled the new scarf around her neck and said, “I went to custom-make it.

I drew this pattern myself!”

“No wonder its so beautiful.

Mom is really amazing.” Shi Xi coaxed her mother with just a few words.

Shi Xu listened from the side and felt rather helpless.

Didnt she say that she was going to call his sister to persuade her to go home

Why did she surrender so quickly

“Oh right, the temperature has dropped now.

Remember to wear the scarf that I knitted for you!” Shi Xi added.

Shi Xu said calmly, “Its not that cold yet.”

Shi Xi said, “Im just giving you a reminder.”

Shi Xu said,Id rather freeze to death in this snowy world than wear the scarf that Shi Xi knitted.

After chatting with the two of them for a while, Shi Xi dispelled their worries and won the chance to continue fighting in the entertainment industry.

“Then you should rest well.

Dont be too tired.

Mom saw the show you were on.

Xi Xi is really outstanding! Youre especially photogenic!” Mother Shi looked at her female goose with eyes full of love.

“Dont worry.

I can definitely take care of myself,” Shi Xi said.

“And Brother found me an assistant and a bodyguard.

Nothing will happen to me.”

Satisfied, Mother Shi said, “If theres anything else you need, just tell me.”

Shi Xi said, “Okay, good night, Mom!”

After hanging up the phone, Shi Xu asked, “Mom, do you still remember why you made this call”

Mother Shis mind instantly went blank.

She hesitated and said, “Lets see how Xi Xi is doing recently.”

Shi Xu was silent.

She had originally wanted to persuade Shi Xi to leave the entertainment industry.

“Yes, I think shes doing quite well recently.” Shi Xu put away his phone and said to Mother Shi, “Rest early.”

Mother Shi smoothed out her scarf and came back to her senses.

“Next time, buy a scarf for Xi Xi as well.”


After comforting her family, Shi Xi dealt with her friends again.

It was only when her friends in the entertainment industry asked her about it that Shi Xi realized that she had added a little too many friends.

Hence, she had no choice but to send a selfie to her moments: “Good night, world.”

She was not sick.

Shi Xi directly ignored the others who came to get close to her.

Cut down on social interaction.

Shi Xi felt that she was already a qualified big shot and had already started not replying to other peoples messages.

Putting down her phone, Shi Xi slept very soundly.

She did not feel guilty at all for not replying to their messages.

When she heard the ringtone of her phone, Shi Xi instantly sat up.

This was the ringtone that she had set for Xie Yunzhou.

Why was it ringing

Had she provoked Xie Yunzhou recently


Had she looked for Ning Yu recently


Shi Xi quickly thought about it in her mind before she answered the call.

“Good evening”

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