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Zhu Lin: “24.”

Shi Xi was eating the xiao long bao and asked in puzzlement, “Shes still young.

Why does she care so much about her age”

Zhu Lin shook her head.

“I dont understand.

Maybe she thinks shes old Right now, the entertainment industry is filled with young people.

Shes probably afraid of being calledauntie, right”

Shi Xi was similarly clueless, so she stopped thinking about it.

Meanwhile, Shi Xi was supposed to be recording [Landscape Life], but she had been replaced by Nan Wan at the last minute, and some people in the small circle knew about it.

Some people guessed that Nan Wan had snatched Shi Xis job, while others said that Shi Xi was acting like a big shot.

All sorts of guesses, but they were all just guesses.


A week later, [Amateur Makeover] officially aired.

From the moment it aired, the transformation teams stereotypical impression of the female doctor annoyed the audience.

[So what if shes a female doctor So what if shes 35 years old and hasnt fallen in love Is it your turn to point fingers at her]

[Its good that Sister Qiao looks young.

Even if she doesnt take care of her skin, her skin condition is still very good.]

[Shes 35 years old and hasnt gotten married yet, yet theyre still not allowed to say anything If she gets married like this, will she still be able to have children]

[Anyway, shes not going to have children with you, so why do you care so much Whats the matter How much property does your family have that you have to have a child to inherit]


The program team was indeed a variety show specialist.

The topics they chose easily stirred up a conflict.

When it came to choosing clothes, they were scolded because the clothes Shi Xi chose were too revealing.

[Shi Xi is a nightclub girl, so she picked out such clothes, right]

[Dont pick out clothes for others with such taste.

Shes a female doctor, not a nightclub girl.]

[Shi Xi is indeed a fake daughter who cant stand up to the public.

The clothes she bought look so cheap.]


But after Professor Qiao expressed her love for it, the group of people fell silent again.


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