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Nan Wan was stunned.

Under such circumstances, shouldnt they have come over to comfort her

Why was it only Gao Tingyu who came over to comfort her

The few of them had actually entered the amusement park directly

Moreover, wasnt Shi Xi allergic to seafood! Why was there no reaction at all now!

Could it be that the dosage was too low

Nan Wan was even angrier.

Gao Tingyu only cared about comforting Nan Wan and did not look at the situation outside.

“Wan Wan, everyone is waiting for you alone.

Dont be angry, okay”

“Wait for me alone They have already gone in.

How could they be waiting for me!” Nan Wan gritted her teeth and said this.

“Ah” Gao Tingyu quickly turned her head and saw that the figures of the few of them had disappeared from the entrance of the amusement park.

“Why arent they waiting for us Ill ask them.”

Gao Tingyu took out her phone and saw the QR code for the entrance tickets that had been sent out in the WeChat group.

She asked in the group, [Are you guys leaving just like that]

The people who were playing at the amusement park did not see the message at all.


In the end, it was the program teams director who came forward to mediate and agreed to let Nan Wan lead the next segment.

Only then did the young misss anger subside.

After coming out of the amusement park, Nan Wan smiled and said, “Lets go and do some handicrafts together”

Professor Qiao looked at the time.

“Im sorry.

You guys go and play.

I have to go back and rest.”

The smile on Nan Wans face froze.

The director knew that things were not looking good.

He had spent so much effort to coax Nan Wan, and now she was about to flare up again!

“I think its almost time.

Do we still need to record” Shi Xi added fuel to the fire.

“Its almost time to get off work.”

Nan Wan turned around and left.

Professor Qiao said, “Looks like we can get off work now.”

The others: “…”

Shi Xi pretended not to notice Nan Wans anger.

Professor Qiao really did not notice Nan Wans anger.

The recording ended here.

At night.

After Shi Xi removed her makeup, she realized that there were a few red spots on her face.

When she was at the amusement park in the afternoon, she noticed that her face was a little itchy.

But because she had put on makeup, Shi Xi had suppressed the urge to scratch it.

Zhu Lin came in with a midnight snack and said, “Xi Xi, do you want some cold baked noodles”

“My face is a little red.” Shi Xi looked over and frowned.

“Am I allergic to some makeup”

“Face” Zhu Lin hurriedly looked over and said in surprise, “What, what happened to your face”

“I dont know.

It was a little itchy in the afternoon.

I just removed my makeup and it became like this.” Shi Xi looked at the makeup remover.

“Could it be that Im allergic to this”

“The makeup was used before.

How could you be allergic to it” Zhu Lin asked, “Did you eat seafood”

Shi Xi recalled, “No, I ate hotpot for lunch and ice cream in the afternoon.

I havent eaten it in the evening.”

Zhu Lin had been following by Shi Xis side the whole time.

After confirming that Shi Xi had not eaten seafood and could not come up with any ideas, she could only say, “Lets go to the doctor first and get some medicine.”

“If its an allergy,” Shi Xi stretched out her hand and said, “I have some allergy medicine in my bag.

Just take two.”

Zhu Lin took out her phone.

“Ill give Brother Han a call.”

Shi Xi retracted her outstretched hand.

“Alright, Ill get it myself.”

As she was holding the medicine, Shi Xi heard Han Chuans voice from Zhu Lins phone:

“When did you feel uncomfortable” Han Chuan asked.

Shi Xi replied, “In the afternoon.”

Han Chuan asked, “Before or after eating ice cream”

Shi Xi thought for a moment and said, “Before eating ice cream.”

Han Chuan said, “It must have been during the hot pot at noon.

You accidentally ate some seafood.”

“But I didnt eat any seafood.” Shi Xi recalled what she had eaten at noon and said, “After the shrimp slipped in, I stopped eating.”

“Maybe it was the seasoning of the seafood hotpot or the seasoning in the middle used seafood.” Han Chuans guess was very close.

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