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When she saw who it was, Shi Xi subconsciously straightened her body.

“Big Brother.”

The man who entered was the Shi Familys eldest young master, Shi Xu.

Sheng Yan also straightened his expression.

“Big Brother Shi.”

Shi Xu was older than the two of them, and was also the Shi Familys eldest brother.

He and Sheng Yan had played together since they were young, so their relationship was naturally very good.

“Sheng Yan is here too.” Shi Xus gaze swept over the two of them with a smile.

“Looks like Xi Xi wont be staying at home for long.”

Shi Xi coughed and changed the topic.

“Why is Big Brother back so early today”

“I wanted to give you a present before the banquet starts.” Shi Xu was carrying a gift bag in his hand.

He took out two brocade boxes.

“See which one you like.”

Shi Xi brought back two necklaces.

One was the star pendant and the other was the moon pendant.

They were both very beautiful.

“Do you want one for Ning Yu and me” Shi Xi asked.

“Yes.” Shi Xu nodded.

“Choose one first.

Ill give the other one to Ning Yu.”

From what Shi Xu said, it could be seen that Shi Xi was doted on by Shi Xu.

It was obvious that Shi Xi was placed first.

Shi Xi could not help but recall Lin Daiyus words:

[I knew it.

Other peoples leftovers, I dont want it.]

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“Cough, Ill go ask Ning Yu which one she likes.” Shi Xi took the two boxes and went upstairs to look for Ning Yu.

Shi Xu must also care about his sister, Ning Yu.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have bought two necklaces.

It was just that he was used to doting on Shi Xi, so he could not help but be biased.

Peoples hearts were biased.

Shi Xu and Sheng Yan were both slightly surprised when they saw Shi Xis actions.

They were familiar with Shi Xis personality.

She had always been a spoiled little princess.

They did not expect that Shi Xi would actually have the time to consider other peoples feelings.

It was really strange.

Shi Xu looked at Sheng Yan and asked, “What did Xi Xi say to you just now”

“She was just about to tell me when you came back.” Sheng Yan thought of the matter that Shi Xi wanted to ask him for — what did she want to ask him

“Then Ill ask her later.” Shi Xu asked, “Do you want to go to the study to have a seat”

Sheng Yan nodded.


Both of them had already taken over their own companies, and they would occasionally have business cooperation.

Lets talk about Shi Xi.

After getting the necklace, Shi Xi knocked on Ning Yus room.

“Come in.”

Ning Yus voice was cold and emotionless.

Shi Xi pushed the door open and entered.

She saw Ning Yu sitting in front of the table.

The computer screen on the table was the game interface.

“Are you busy” Shi Xi knew very well that the game could not be stopped.

Ning Yu: “Two minutes.”

Shi Xi understood.

Two minutes meant that the game needed two minutes to end.

Shi Xi sat down on the sofa and just happened to be able to see Ning Yus game interface.

It seemed to be a game calledWorld of Martial Arts Dream.

Shi Xi had never played it before, but when she played on her phone, she could often see the advertisement for the game.


Anyway, the hype had attracted countless gamers.

Ning Yu pressed her left hand on the keyboard while her right hand held the mouse.

The game interface in front of her was very confusing.

Two minutes later, a hugeWin lit up on the page.

Ning Yu stopped what she was doing and turned her chair to Shi Xi.

She asked, “Why are you looking for me”

Shi Xi took out two necklaces.

“Big Brother bought two necklaces.

Which one do you like”

Shi Xi picked up the necklaces.

No matter if it was the star or the moon, they all reflected a dazzling light.

Both necklaces were very exquisite and beautiful.

“Whatever.” Ning Yu took a look and then looked away.



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