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Hence, Shi Xi sat down at the table and said, “This nude pink looks good!”

The corner of Nan Wans mouth twitched.

This was the color that she and Gao Tingyu had carefully chosen for a long time.

Of course, it looked good!

Shi Xi said, “Ill just apply this nude pink.”

Nan Wan was so angry that she vomited blood.

When Shi Xi came on the show, not only did she shop for clothes at public expense, she even did a manicure at public expense!

How could it be that good

Nan Wan gritted her teeth and wanted to do something.

Suddenly, Nan Wans eyes turned and she said, “You guys take a seat.

Ill go to the kitchen to help.”

The eldest miss, who had never touched the sun, suddenly wanted to go to the kitchen.

Everyone was shocked.

Bai Cangyang looked at the diamond-studded manicure on the eldest miss hand and said politely, “Senior, its better for you to sit.

Well be fine as long as were in the kitchen.”

Chang Qiwen said bluntly, “Thats right.

How are you going to cut the vegetables with your hands”

The smile on Nan Wans face froze for a moment before she said, “Ill make the hot pot dipping sauce.

The dipping sauce I make is especially delicious!”

Chang Qiwen said, “Everyone has different tastes.

They all like to make their own dipping sauce, right”

Bai Cangyang said nonchalantly, “I can do it.”

Gao Tingyu added from the side, “I can prove that the dipping sauce Nan Wan makes is especially delicious! We can let Nan Wan do it!”

Seeing that no one said anything, Chang Qiwen shrugged nonchalantly.

“Then you do it.”

In any case, it was not strange for the eldest miss to do anything.

Nan Wan took out a few small bowls and looked at the seasoning on the kitchen top before starting to make the hot pot dipping sauce.

As a permanent member of the program team, Nan Wan could see the information of the guest.

She knew that Shi Xi was allergic to seafood, so after seeing the seafood soy sauce on the table, she suggested that she make the hot pot dipping sauce herself.

Nan Wan only wanted Shi Xi to make a fool of herself, she did not want Shi Xi to die, so she only poured a little bit into the bottom of the bowl.

On top of it, she added millet pepper, vinegar, sesame oil, and oil consumption as usual…

The ingredients for the hot pot were all prepared.

On the other side, both of their manicures were done as well.

The manicures for Professor Qiao were not only bright red, but they were also inlaid with diamonds and made into lines.

They were extremely gorgeous.

As for Shi Xis manicure, it was much simpler.

It was a simple nude pink color with two orange colors in the middle.

It looked playful and cute in its gentleness.

Nan Wan looked at Shi Xis manicure and then looked at her own.

She felt that Shi Xis manicure looked better.

However, she did not want to admit that Shi Xis hands looked better.

“Lets eat hotpot!” Nan Wan smiled and said, “Everyone, try the hotpot dipping sauce that I prepared.”

Chang Qiwen said, “Everyone, try the radishes that I cut.”

Bai Cangyang raised his hand.

“I washed the vegetables.”

Shi Xi said, “I broke the vegetables!”

Gao Tingyu said, “…Thank you for your hard work.

Please sit down.”

Bai Cangyang brought the hotpot to the table and plugged in the electricity.

Shi Xi looked at the row of hotpot dipping sauce and smiled.

“Let me do it.”

She was afraid that Nan Wan would do something to the dipping sauce.

Nan Wan smiled casually.


Shi Xi looked at the small bowl in her hand and wondered if she was overthinking things

Everyone was the same.

After the hot pot was boiled, everyone surrounded Professor Qiao and asked her some questions.

“Ive been doing research on the four-color theorem recently.

Most of the time, Ive been thinking about it myself,” Professor Qiao said.

“Color testing What color testing” Nan Wan asked, “Do you also need to color test in mathematics”

Shi Xi lowered her head.

If you dont understand the field, dont speak rashly!

Professor Qiao said, “Its the four-color theorem.

It refers to two straight lines that cannot appear in a plane without a common point.”

Everyone was at a loss.

Shi Xi explained, “All of you should have heard of a saying: each map only uses four colors, and all countries can be painted with different colors.”

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