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For convenience, Chang Qiwen bought a lot of ingredients for hot pot and prepared to cook it.

Nan Wan and Gao Tingyu were sitting at the table, fiddling with something.

Shi Xi brought Professor Qiao back and received everyones surprised gazes.

“This change is too big, isnt it” Gao Tingyus eyes widened.

“Shes a completely different person.

Shes very beautiful and fashionable!” Chang Qiwen stood in the semi-open kitchen and was not stingy with his praise.

“Xiao Bai has good taste!”

Bai Cangyang said, “This is the outfit that Teacher Shi Xi picked.”

When Nan Wan heard that it was the outfit that Shi Xi picked, she started.

“Isnt this outfit a little revealing Shi Xi, you like this nightclub style You dont have to pick this kind of outfit for others, do you”

Shi Xi ignored her and turned to ask Professor Qiao, “Sister Qiao, do you think this outfit is revealing”

Professor Qiao: “Its not like Im living in the Qing Dynasty.

Why would I think its revealing”

Nan Wan: “…”

Shi Xi blinked and said, “Ill go help in the kitchen.”

Nan Wan was rebuked and looked at Shi Xi again.

She sized her up and asked, “Did you change your clothes”

Shi Xi sifted through the vegetables and said, “Yes, I changed my clothes while I was at it.”

Nan Wan saw how relaxed Shi Xi was, and her heart instantly felt unbalanced.

She said sarcastically, “Is shopping on official expenses really fun”

Shi Xi said, “Bai Cangyang helped me pick out clothes.

Ask him if shopping on official expenses is fun.”

Bai Cangyang: !


Dont burn me!

“When I was picking out clothes for Sister Qiao, I felt that this dress was very suitable for Teacher Shi Xi.” Bai Cangyang was indeed an idol with a high EQ.

He smiled and said, “Ill go help out in the kitchen too.”

With the help of the two of them, Chang Qiwens work in the kitchen was greatly reduced.

Nan Wan waved her hand and said, “Professor Qiao, come over and do a manicure! The first step for an exquisite girl is to do a beautiful manicure.”

Shi Xi looked at her hand.

Oh, she was not an exquisite girl.

Professor Qiao was pulled by Nan Wan and Gao Tingyu to do a manicure and said, “Is this necessary”

Shi Xi tore off the vegetable head and said, “Weve already prepared everything.

Lets give it a try.

Well dye it in the big red color directly.”

Professor Qiao said, “Then lets dye it in the big red color.”

Nan Wan was stumped.

They had been choosing for a long time just now and felt that the nude pink color was the most suitable for Professor Qiao.

It was gentle and generous, and it also suited Professor Qiaos personality.

They did not expect that Shi Xi would actually dress Professor Qiao up as a hot girl!

Who the f*ck would have thought of that

Nan Wan tried to persuade her, “Isnt a big red manicure a little too much Professor Qiao still has to teach.”

Professor Qiao said, “Its fine.

Im a professor.

They dont dare to say anything.”

Nan Wan was speechless and had no choice but to get someone to do Professor Qiaos big red manicure.

However, she secretly hoped that the effect would not be good.

Professor Qiao did not like to directly go against Shi Xi.

Bai Cangyang cut the mushrooms and said, “Teacher Shi Xi, why dont you go and get a manicure Brother Chang and I will be fine in the kitchen.”

Chang Qiwen looked like he was optimistic about his son.

“Xiao Bai knows how heartbreaking it is!”

Shi Xi said, “Its alright, Ill help you.

Hurry up.”

Bai Cangyang snatched the basket from her hands.

“Ill do it, Ill do it.”

Shi Xi looked at Bai Cangyang.

“Then Ill go and get a manicure”

“Hurry up and get your nails done.

Otherwise, Xiao Bai will have to escort you over,” Chang Qiwen said exaggeratedly.

“Theres nothing to be busy for in the kitchen anyway.”

They made hotpot and bought ready-made hotpot meatballs and beef rolls.

Only some vegetables needed to be washed and cut.

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