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Bai Cangyang wanted to refute, but he turned to look at Professor Qiao with some anticipation.

“Do you want to go shopping with me, or do you want to go shopping with Brother Chang” Bai Cangyang asked.

Shi Xi was about to say that she wanted to go shopping when she thought of her mission.

“Ill go shopping with you!” Shi Xi immediately said.

If Bai Cangyang did not match her with a set of clothes, she would not be able to eat even if she went to buy groceries!

The program team finished putting on makeup for Professor Qiao.

Nan Wan even specially gave her lipstick and said a lot of nonsense.

After that, she went to pick out clothes.

Bai Cangyang was worried about Professor Qiaos conservative identity, so he picked out long-sleeved dresses for her.

She looked gentle and generous, very amiable.

“How do you like it” Bai Cangyang felt that it was very nice and asked Professor Qiao for her opinion.

“Do you like it”

Professor Qiao nodded and spun a few times in front of the mirror.

“Its alright.”

Shi Xi asked Bai Cangyang, “What style do you think suits me”

Bai Cangyang said, “Teacher Shi Xis clothes today are very nice.”

Shi Xi looked at the row of clothes in front of her and hinted, “Which of these clothes do you think suits me”

Bai Cangyangs answer was flawless.

“Teacher Shi Xi is so beautiful, she looks good in anything.”

Shi Xi: …How do I hint Bai Cangyang to pick out a set of clothes for me

She casually picked out a set of clothes and said to Professor Qiao, “Try This one on”

Black suspenders and a beige cardigan, paired with denim shorts.

She was totally a hottie.

The corner of Bai Cangyangs mouth twitched as he said softly, “Is this okay Shes a PhD holder.”

“Cant a PhD holder be a hottie” Shi Xi handed the clothes over.

“Sister Qiao, do you want to try this set”

Professor Qiao looked at the set of clothes and a struggle flashed across her eyes.

Shi Xi said, “Life is all about trying more.”

Professor Qiao took the clothes.

“Ill try it.”

Bai Cangyang said in a low voice, “Is this really okay”

“Dont worry, I know more about women than you do.” Shi Xi blinked her eyes and thought to herself,I know more about the audience than you do.

Who would like to watch a step-by-step transformation plan

As she thought of something, Shi Xi went to the shop assistant and asked for a strapless bra before handing it over to the fitting room.

A few minutes later, Professor Qiao, who had disguised herself as a hot girl, came out of the fitting room.

Professor Qiao had always been a homebody, and her skin was covered very white.

However, she had always been exercising, and her figure had been maintained very well.

Bai Cangyang said, “I keep feeling that its a little out of place.”

“Is it because of the makeup” Shi Xi said thoughtfully, “Why dont you let your hair down and apply some eyeliner”

She was totally a hot girl in a bar!

She did it right away.

Bai Cangyang walked forward.

“Sister Qiao, do you like this set of clothes, or the one just now”

Professor Qiao smiled and said, “Ive never tried this type of clothes before.”

Bai Cangyang understood the meaning behind Professor Qiaos words — she really liked it.

“Sister Qiao, come over here.

Ill help you change your makeup.” Shi Xi used the makeup she carried with her to hook Professor Qiaos eyeliner and reweave her hair.

The former fashion designer, Bai Cangyang, stood at the side and stared blankly.

“What do you think” Shi Xi asked.

Bai Cangyang sized up Professor Qiao in front of him.

The first time, he saw her was an ordinary female doctor.

After putting on makeup, she was a gentle sister.

Now, she was a hot girl in a bar.

There were three of them.

And Professor Qiao seemed to be very willing to make such a change.

“Its good that Sister Qiao likes it.” Bai Cangyang was speechless.

He had been a fashion designer for three periods and had never done something like this before.

Shi Xi suggested, “Lets go to a boutique and pair some jewelry with it.”

How could a hot girl not have a ring, a bracelet, and a big gold chain

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