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[I thought the CP was limited to the talent show, but I didnt expect them to be on the same program again.]

The CP fans sat up, saying that they could do it for another 100 years.

[Bright female celebrity mentor x All-around C position captain]

[In front of everyone, steady and dignified, but in front of you, bow your head.]


The female doctors surname was Qiao, and she was currently a professor at Yanjing University.

She lived alone.

To everyones surprise, Doctor Qiao did not look like a 35-year-old person.

Her skin condition looked like she was in her twenties.

She was dressed in ordinary clothes, wearing a gray t-shirt and jeans.

She did not stand out in the crowd at all.

When Doctor Qiao appeared, the bullet screen was also shocked.

[F*ck, I thought she was an auntie, but I did not expect her to be a sister.]

[Sister, I can do it!!]

[This is 35 years old I would believe her if she said she was 25 years old!]

Professor Qiao led the group to her apartment.

The apartment was clean and tidy.

There was no television or sofa in the living room.

There was only a long table with books and information on it.

There was a treadmill in the corner.

It seemed to be used frequently.

Professor Qiao invited the group to sit down at the long table and poured them hot water.

Gao Tingyu asked first, “Are you really 35 years old”

Professor Qiao nodded.


“Then can I ask, how do you take care of your skin” Gao Tingyu stared at Professor Qiaos face and said, “There arent any wrinkles at all.”

“Take care of my skin” Professor Qiao thought for a moment and said, “I wash my face and apply face cream every day.”

Shi Xi:Listening to these words is like not listening to these words.

Gao Tingyus eyes were filled with eagerness.

“Can we take a look and see what kind of face cream it is”

Professor Qiao took out a small bottle from the bathroom and said, “This.”

It was a white porcelain bottle.

There was only a label on it and two words were written on it: face cream.

Shi Xi looked familiar.

This was similar to the face cream Ning Yu gave her!

“What brand is this” Nan Wan took it.

“Why havent I seen it before”

Professor Qiao: “It was made by one of my students, not bought.”

Shi Xi: !!

Oh, this Professor Qiao, could she be Ning Yus teacher

Or perhaps she should be a little more daring.

Ning Yu was her teacher

Nan Wan looked at it over and over again and said, “You dare to use such an unknown product on your face You should buy a brand-name face cream.

It has quality assurance and can also beautify your face.”

Professor Qiao said, “The cream is mostly water, isopentyl glycol, glycerin, C9-12 alkane, and vitamins.

Among them, only glycerin, vitamin B5, and vitamin E have moisturizing effects.

This cream has all of them.

It can already satisfy my needs.”

Everyone: “…”

Shi Xi changed the topic and asked, “Doctor Qiao, which direction do you want to change your life”

Professor Qiao said, “I feel that my current life is a little boring.

Every day is just a line between the laboratory and home.

I want to change my current life.”

Shi Xi said, “You can go shopping with your friends and watch a movie.”

Professor Qiao said, “Its too time-consuming to go shopping.

If its a movie, I prefer to watch it at home.”

Shi Xi: “…” Then whats the point of changing

“If you want to change it, lets start with makeup!” Nan Wan smiled and said, “Put on good-looking makeup and itll let you see a different version of yourself!”

The makeup artist in the team made a move and started to put on makeup for Professor Qiao.

Shi Xi sat at the table and felt that the waiting time was too boring.

She deserved that the show was ruined.

There wasnt even a single highlight.

“Professor Shi Xi, do you have any suggestions on how to dress Professor Qiao” Bai Cangyang asked.

Shi Xi said lazily, “Small black suspenders, hot pants, and a pair of big earrings.”

Only by dressing like this could they save this silly show.

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