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“Maybe she doesnt want to get married.

What does it matter if shes married or not” Shi Xi flipped through the information and said in surprise, “She has such a high degree.

She has a double doctorate in physics and mathematics from Stanford University and is now a professor at Yanjing University.”

Nan Wan commented, “So shes a female doctor.

No wonder shes not married yet.”

Shi Xi was silent.

When recording a program, could one really speak so bluntly

Then she wanted to take back what she had just said and change it to — “After watching this program, I feel very bored.”

Chang Qiwen flipped through the information.

“I heard that there are three kinds of people in this world, men, women, and female doctors.

I didnt expect that we would be able to reform a female doctor today!”

Gao Tingyu said, “She never wears makeup, doesnt attend social gatherings, and has never been in a relationship.”

Nan Wan said in shock, “She hasnt been in a relationship at the age of 35! What kind of person is she!”

Shi Xi looked at Bai Cangyang, who was the only one who had not spoken a word.

Bai Cangyang just flipped through the information silently, with no special expression on his face.

Chang Qiwen finally said something human.

He said, “But she is doing very well in her own field.

Although she is not in a relationship or has a normal marriage and children, she has published a lot of papers and is still a professor at Yanjing University.

I can tell that she is a very powerful person!”

Gao Tingyu said, “But women still have to get married and have children in the end.

At 35 years old, she is already an old woman when giving birth, right”

Nan Wan nodded in agreement.

Just as she was about to say something, she saw her manager shaking her head and holding up a sign.

“But her academic contribution is something that none of us can achieve.

Perhaps her research will change our future.” Nan Wan instantly changed her tone.

She said, “I can only say that shes very focused on her studies.

Lets see what she wants to change!”

When Shi Xi heard this, she was dumbfounded.

Was this something that Nan Wan could say

When Shi Xi turned around, she saw the sign that Nan Wans manager was holding up.

No wonder Nan Wan was sometimes normal and sometimes crazy.

It turned out that she had such a military advisor behind her.

Gao Tingyu said, “The female doctor feels that her life is too monotonous and boring.

She wants to change it.”


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