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This time, it was Shi Xi and Zhu Lins turn to be surprised.

“Youre a woman”

Tian Hongyi nodded and was a little confused.

“Yeah, dont I look like one”

“From name to appearance, you dont look like a woman at all!” Zhu Lins eyes widened.

Shi Xi did not say anything.

She had been hugged twice and felt that Xiao Tians chest was a little soft.

She thought that the bodyguard had developed chest muscles.

She did not expect that it was really her chest.

She had been careless.

Xiao Tian scratched her head.

“People often treat me as a boy.

My parents also treat me as a boy.

Its fine.”

Zhu Lin mumbled, “How can it be fine”

If she had known that Tian Hongyi was a woman, there would have been no need for this hot search!

Xiao Tian: “…Do you want to go back to the hotel now Or do you want to eat”

Shi Xi leaned against the back of her chair.

“Lets go straight back to the hotel.

Well order takeout tonight.”

She didnt want to move anymore.

After this blunder, Shi Xis reputation gradually improved.

On one hand, it was Shi Xis dedication to work.

She didnt have any complaints when she was injured while filming.

On the other hand, Shi Xis second female lead in [The Overbearing School Bully Fell In Love With Me], had gotten quite a good result.

[The Overbearing School Bully Fell In Love With Me] was a school drama that didnt invest much in it.

Although it was a tacky school girl falling in love Cinderella script, the male and female characters in the drama were handsome and beautiful.

The main leads acting skills were online and were very eye-catching.

Yun Guanghe and Wen Yao relied on this online drama to form adrinking medicine cp.

They were determined to poison the fans of the couple.

Meanwhile, Shi Xis role as the evil white, rich, and beautiful school beauty, because she regretted her mistakes the most, relied on the picture of tears at the airport, and once again attracted a wave of fans.

It was also very attractive for the second female lead to change the script of the affectionate second male lead to that of the second female lead.

While she was busy, Shi Xis feet finally recovered.

She also welcomed the completion of the filming of [Nine Blades of Tang].

After the last scene, Director Yan gave Shi Xi a red packet and hinted that they could work together again in the future.

Shi Xi accepted the red packet.

She felt that it was too little and did not want to work together again.

“Congratulations on finishing the filming.” Han Chuan sat in the car and said with a tablet in his hand, “Before you enter the next production crew, get these variety shows done.”

Shi Xi asked, “I finally finished filming.

Cant I take a break”

Han Chuan replied, “Youve already been resting in your wheelchair for a long time.”

Shi Xi: …Thats called a break

“Dont worry, Ive arranged for you to be a popular variety show thats relatively easy to handle.

All you have to do is act cute,” Han Chuan said expressionlessly.

“Use this time to work on your fan club.”

Shi Xi helplessly took the tablet and looked at the schedule on it.

As a gold-medal manager, Han Chuan was undoubtedly very authoritative about the schedule.

Shi Xi looked at her schedule.

Oh no, it should be called a timetable.

On it, the time for changing planes, eating, and going to the toilet had all been fixed.

“Brother Han, you should know that there are only 24 hours in a day, right” Shi Xi pointed at her schedule.

“I have to catch a flight at three in the morning Get off the plane at five”

“It just so happens that the variety show ends at ten in the morning.

You can go straight to the airport,” Han Chuan calmly added.

“You can catch up on your sleep on the plane.”

Shi Xi: !

She originally thought that after escaping from Director Yan, she could have a good rest!

Shi Xi tried to bargain.

“Can you…”

Han Chuan: “This variety show will give you a seven-figure appearance fee.”

Shi Xi immediately said, “Just in time.

I can watch the sun rise at four in the morning.”

Han Chuan smiled.

“Youve been a little busy with your work recently.

Itll be fine when you join the group.”

Shi Xi thought to herself that a mans mouth was a liar.

When she was in Director Yans hands, Director Yan had said that it would be fine after she finished filming every day.

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