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After shooting ten scenes in a row, except for a few NGs, almost all of them were done in one go.

Shi Xi was also surprised at the improvement in her acting skills.

Perhaps because she had really spent a few days on a tightrope, she had a deeper understanding of the role.

At the end of the scene, Zhu Lin pushed Shi Xi and could not help but complain in a low voice, “You just came back, and Director Yan already let you shoot so many scenes.

Why didnt he let you rest a little longer!”

“Theres a break in between.” Shi Xi yawned sleepily and said, “Director Yan has fallen so far behind, so hes naturally anxious.”

Zhu Lin pushed Shi Xi to the front of the car door and looked at Shi Xi.

“How are you going to get up”

Shi Xi stretched out her hand.

“Carry me.”

Zhu Lin hesitated for a moment and said, “Ill go find the driver.”

Shi Xi: “…”

“Im afraid that Ill accidentally drop you,” Zhu Lin said with an embarrassed smile.

Shi Xi leaned back in her chair.

“Go on, go on.”

Zhu Lin turned around and saw Chu Yuan.

“Eh Teacher Chu, are you looking for Xi Xi”

Chu Yuan nodded.

“Yes, Director Yan asked me to bring Shi Xi for a meal.”

Chu Yuan, who had changed his makeup and hair, was handsome and charming.

Shi Xi had already gone through the initial shock of seeing Chu Yuans face.

But who would reject a handsome man

“Ahem,” Zhu Lin said tactfully, “Teacher Chu, its not very good for you and Xi Xi to have a meal together, right”

Both of them were single in the entertainment industry.

If they were photographed…

Shi Xi came back to her senses and said, “Forget it.”

Chu Yuan said, “Director Yan will reimburse us for the meal.”

Shi Xi said, “Lets go to Jin Manlou.”


Not only did Chu Yuan have outstanding looks and acting skills, he also had a very gentle personality.

He received people like a spring breeze.

When Shi Xi was having dinner with him, she felt as if she was walking in the middle of the clouds.

They could discuss the script together and tell interesting stories about the production team together.

Zhu Lin, who was beside them, held a spoon and felt that she was unnecessary.

She looked at the atmosphere between the two of them again.

Could it be that they were going to fall in love!

Zhu Lin sounded the alarm in her heart.

After dinner, Chu Yuan considerately accompanied her back to the hotel and was willing to be a porter.

He closed the door.

Zhu Lin shook Shi Xis shoulder and said, “Wake up! You cant date him!”

Shi Xi leaned back in her chair.

“Im focusing on my career now, so I definitely wont date him.

Besides, Chu Yuan is eight years older than me.

Hes a little old.”

A 26-year-old three-time Best Actor Was he old

Zhu Lins mouth was agape.

She didnt know what to say.

As Shi Xi removed her makeup, she said, “Dont worry.

To me, Chu Yuan is just an outstanding senior.

I only have respect for him.

I definitely dont have any improper thoughts!”

“Then what if he has improper thoughts toward you” Zhu Lin could not help but ask.

“Isnt the age difference between us too big” Shi Xi pondered and said, “Although he looks young, thats just his appearance.”

Zhu Lin: How can my own artiste be so clear-headed

“Chu Yuan is very popular and has good acting skills.

Its also good for such an outstanding person to develop into a friend.” Shi Xi blinked her eyes.

“Dont worry about my career.

I definitely wont collapse my house.”

Zhu Lin stuttered, “You, you, its good that you know.

Im going back to sleep.”

Shi Xi waved her hand.

“Good night.”

After sending Zhu Lin off, Shi Xi looked at the bed in front of her and thought about how she should get up.

Fortunately, her hands and knees were still functional.

After going through a lot of hardships, Shi Xi finally climbed onto the bed and fell asleep.

It was a dreamless night.

“Shi Xi, is your alarm clock for decoration”

Hearing Han Chuans voice, Shi Xi helplessly opened her eyes and sat up to see Han Chuan in the room.

Besides Han Chuan, there was also a handsome boy with short hair.

Shi Xi: !

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