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Director Yan said that it was fine as long as Shi Xi joined the crew.

“By the way, Ill go back to the crew to change the script first.

Chu Yuan, stay here and have dinner with Shi Xi.

Remember to bring her back to the crew tonight.” Before Director Yan left, he did not forget to sell Chu Yuan out.

Chu Yuan smiled.

“Alright, Madam Yan.”

Director Yan asked, “What did you call me”

“I said, Director Yan,” Chu Yuan said.

“No, you called Baby Yan!” Director Yans eyes turned disdainful.

“I didnt expect you to be such a person!”

Chu Yuan, who could not clear his name even if he jumped into the yellow river, was speechless.

The corner of Shi Xis mouth twitched slightly.

She said, “Director Yan, Ill definitely go back in the afternoon.

Will Senior Chu Yuan delay the filming if he stays here with me”

“Dont worry, he wont have any scenes today.” Director Yan turned his head and reminded Chu Yuan, “Keep an eye on her.

Dont let her get hurt again!!”

Chu Yuan made anOK gesture.

Only then did Director Yan leave with relief.

Chu Yuan looked at Shi Xi.

Shi Xi said, “Ill go pack my things.”

“Do you need my help” Chu Yuan looked at Shi Xis legs.

It seemed that it was very troublesome whether she stood up or squatted down.

“No need.

Ill get Aunt Zhang to help me.” Shi Xi controlled the wheelchair to enter the room and said, “You can sit for a while.”

When Mother Shi came downstairs, she saw Chu Yuan and asked in surprise, “Who is this”

“My friend.” Shi Xi stuck her head out.

“Mom, help me take care of him.”

“Sure!” Mother Shi came forward with a smile and asked, “This young man is really good-looking.

Whats his name How old is he Where is his home What job Do you have a girlfriend”

Chu Yuan, who was still able to handle the reporters unruly questions, twitched his mouth slightly as he endured Mother Shis warm welcome alone.

It was not until Shi Xu returned that Chu Yuan managed to escape from these series of attacks.

When Shi Xu saw Chu Yuan, his eyes were slightly surprised.

Mother Shi introduced, “This is Chu Yuan, Xi Xis colleague.

Hes 25 years old and lives in Haicheng.

He doesnt have a girlfriend yet!”

Chu Yuan smiled awkwardly.

“Hello, Mr.


Shi Xu asked, “Why are you here again”

“I know that Shi Xi is injured, so I came to visit her,” Chu Yuan said.

“Im also here to pick her up and bring her back to the production team.”

“Back to the production team” Shi Xu sneered.

“Xi Xi has both her legs injured.

How is she going to go back”

Chu Yuan said, “Director Yan will change the role to one with crippled legs because of her.”

Shi Xu: “…”

“Aiya, Xi Xi is going back to the production team” Mother Shi said worriedly, “Then who will take care of her when she gets back”

Shi Xu said plainly, “She cant go anywhere until she recovers.”

Chu Yuan thought to himself,Oh, Director Yans script has been changed for nothing.

Shi Xi came out of her room and said, “Ive packed my things.

Have you eaten Eh, Big Brother is back.”

When he saw his sister, Shi Xu immediately switched to his gentle older brother mode.

“We will eat in a while.

If youre hungry, eat some biscuits first.”

Chu Yuan was dumbfounded.

His expression had changed so quickly!

This person not acting, it was really a loss for the entertainment industry!

Shi Xi said, “Im not too hungry.

Ill wait for my meal.”

“Rest well after eating.

Youre not allowed to go anywhere until your feet are healed.” Shi Xu smiled and prohibited Shi Xi from going out.

Shi Xi:

“But Ive already promised Director Yan that Ill return to the production team.” Shi Xi sat up straight.

“I cant go back on my word!”

“Ill help you explain.” Shi Xu pressed down on Shi Xis shoulder and smiled gently.

“You just need to rest well.”

“Brother, Im already an adult.

Ill take good care of myself!” Shi Xi shook Shi Xus hand and acted coquettishly.

Shi Xus smile did not change.

“Can you take good care of yourself, and also take care of yourself when until youre lame”

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