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“Yes,” Ning Yu said, “However, there are side effects.”

Shi Xi was delighted for a moment, but she still asked in a safe manner, “What side effects”

Ning Yu: “You will keep hiccupping.”

Shi Xi: “Sorry to bother you.”

She would rather stay in a wheelchair.

The last road was also blocked.

The cruise ship docked at noon.

They did not even pack lunch.

After getting off the cruise ship, Xie Yunzhou brought Shi Xi to the hospital and took a scan.

The doctor looked at the two scans and then looked at Shi Xis feet.

“Continue to sit in the wheelchair for two weeks and youll be fine.” The doctor prescribed a few boxes of medicine for Shi Xi and said, “Take care not to exert force on your feet.”

“Doctor, is there any medicine that can help my feet heal faster Its best if I can stand up immediately and there are no side effects,” Shi Xi probed.

The doctor nodded.


Shi Xis eyes lit up.

“What medicine”

The doctor said, “Miracle.”

Shi Xi: …This cold joke was really not funny.

She had thought that the doctors medical skills were even better than Ning Yus.

The doctor handed over the prescription and said coldly, “This medicine is applied twice a day.

When you go out, remember to call the next patient in.”

Xie Yunzhou pushed Shi Xi out and called for the next patient.

Shi Xi was dejected.

“You dont want to sit in a wheelchair” Xie Yunzhou asked.

“Yeah,” Shi Xi said helplessly, “I was supposed to enter the set today, but now theres nothing I can do.”

Xie Yunzhou frowned.

“Youre already like this, and you still want to enter the set”

Shi Xi said, “Director Yan has already changed the script for me… Forget it, let him find another new actor.”

Although it was a pity, it could only be this way.

Xie Yunzhou seemed to be unintentionally asking, “Why are you working so hard Cant the Shi family afford to support you”

He could do it.

Shi Xi: “Because Im so beautiful and my acting skills are so good.

If I dont act, its a loss for the audience.”

Xie Yunzhou: …It was an answer that he had never imagined.

He did not expect that Shi Xi would say these words so frankly.

It was really interesting.

“Oh right, what did you say to Prince Ryan this morning” Shi Xi thought of what had happened this morning and asked, “I think I was mentioned”

Xie Yunzhou smiled faintly.

“It was just that the breakfast on the cruise was not bad.”

Prince Ryan, who had written seven lines of contact information, was looking at his phone eagerly, waiting for Shi Xi to send him a message.

Shi Xi nodded and agreed, “That flower tea is indeed delicious.”

Xie Yunzhou silently noted down Shi Xis preference for drinking flower tea.

After sending Shi Xi home, Xie Yunzhou began to think about what kind of flower tea to send.

Sending flowers was so tacky.

And it would soon fade away.

If he sent flower tea, she would think of him every time she drank tea.

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