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Shi Xi reversed her wheelchair and prepared to go out to make a phone call.

Ryan had just confessed his love when he grabbed Shi Xis wheelchair handle and said, “Miss Xi, you havent answered my question.”

Shi Xi: Even if I say that I am in a wheelchair, my actions will not be under my control!

“Answer your question Did you ask me something” Shi Xi asked in a daze.

“Werent you talking to him just now”


The smile on Ryans face froze.

Xie Yunzhou smiled faintly and removed Ryans hand from the wheelchair handle.

He said to Shi Xi, “You go and do your work first.”

Shi XI replied with an “Oh” and prepared to find a quiet place to tell Director Yan about her current situation.

She definitely wouldnt be able to stand up!

After watching Shi Xi leave, Ryan asked in disbelief, “She, she didnt hear it”

Xie Yunzhou smiled politely and said, “I will tell her exactly what you said.”

“Thats great! Thank you!” Ryan continued to eat his sandwich.

“Youre such a good person!”

Xie Yunzhous smile did not change.

“Youre the good person.”

Ryan said regretfully, “Unfortunately, I didnt get her contact information.”

Xie Yunzhou suggested, “You can write it down.

I will give her your contact information.”

Ryans eyes flashed with pure joy.

“Youre such a good person!”

Xie Yunzhou: “…”

After finishing his sandwich in two bites, Ryan asked the waiter for a pen and paper and wrote down his various contact information, “This is my WeChat, my cell phone number, my Facebook, my email address, my home address, and my address in China.”

Xie Yunzhou saw him write one line after another and thought to himself,Dont write anymore.

Anyway, he wouldnt give it to Shi Xi.

But the simple Ryan wrote down all the contact information he could think of on paper and solemnly handed it to Xie Yunzhou.

“Thank you, good man.”

Xie, good man, Yunzhou: “No need to thank me.”



Shi Xi found a quiet place with good reception and dialed Director Yans number.

“Director Yan, its Shi Xi.”

Director Yan lay in the directors chair and asked while biting on his cigarette, “Are you coming back Ill get Chu Yuan to pick you up.”

Chu Yuan, who was beside him, was speechless.

Shi Xi said awkwardly, “Well, Director Yan, I accidentally injured my right foot.”

Director Yan: “Huh”

Shi Xi: “To put it simply, both of my feet are injured and I cant stand.”

“F*ck!”Director Yan was so angry that he couldnt bite on his cigarette.

The cigarette butt fell on his clothes and burned a hole in his expensive shirt.

“What did you say!”

Shi Xi apologized sincerely and expressed her regret that she couldnt continue acting.

Director Yan discussed, “Do you feel that the pay is too low We can talk about it again.”

Shi Xi: “Its not about the pay.”

Director Yan said, “Then Ill add a kiss scene with Chu Yuan.”

Chu Yuan:

Shi Xi was moved for a moment, but then she rejected him righteously, “Director Yan, Im a decent person.”

“People who arent decent say that theyre decent people,” Director Yan said.

“…Both of my legs are injured, and I really cant stand up.” Shi Xi said helplessly, “As long as I can stand up, I wont reject this drama — Ive already memorized all my lines!”

Director Yan said fiercely, “Ill look for you in the afternoon!”

Shi Xi looked at the phone that was hung up and thought to herself,Its useless for you to look for me.

Youre not a godly doctor.

Godly doctor

Oh right, Im looking for Ning Yu!

Shi Xi immediately called Ning Yu to ask about her foot injury.

Ning Yu said, “Rest well.

Youll be able to recover after sitting in a wheelchair for half a month.”

Shi Xi asked, “Is there any medicine that can help my feet recover faster”

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