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Shi Xi looked at the balance on the card and asked subconsciously, “Did you give Ning Yu some pocket money”

“I did.” Mother Shis expression changed.

“How much did you give her” Shi Xi asked.

“20,000 yuan.” Mother Shi added, “Shes not at home all day.

Giving her money is just to let her fool around.”

Shi Xi facepalmed.

“Mom, Ning Yu just came home and hasnt adapted to the life here yet.

Arent you afraid that shell get angry that youre so biased towards me”

“How much money can she spend Besides, doesnt she know how to ask me for money when she needs it” When Mother Shi mentioned Ning Yu, she felt a little uncomfortable.

“She only knows how to fool around every day.

Even if I wanted to bring her to buy clothes, she wouldnt be willing.”

After all, she was her own biological daughter, so Mother Shi naturally wanted to treat Ning Yu well.

However, Ning Yu had always been cold and aloof.

Her concern for her elders was extremely cold, which also hurt Mother Shis heart.

Shi Xi looked at Mother Shi with a puzzled look.

“Why are you arguing with the child”

Mother Shi: “”

The child

Shi Xi said, “Ning Yu has just returned, so shes definitely not used to living in the house.

Dont be angry at her.

Be obedient to her and give her money whenever you need to — just like how you treated me.”

“Then should I give her 200,000 yuan as pocket money” Mother Shi probed.

“Yes, give it to her.” Shi Xi asked, “By the way, wheres Ning Yu Is she at home”


Mother Shi said, “No, she went out early in the morning.”

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“When I asked her to come back earlier, she replied, “Got it.” I dont know when shell be back.”

“Why are you looking for her”

“Nothing, Im just asking.” Shi Xi looked at her phone.

“Tao Yuxuan is here.

Im going to play with her.”

Mother Shi had a smile in her eyes.

“Go on, go on.

Ill get the chef to make your favorite strawberry pudding so that you can eat as much as you want.”

When she heard about strawberry pudding, Shi Xis eyes lit up instantly.

“Then Ill go to the kitchen to see if theres anything I can help them with.”

Go and help [x]

Go and steal [√]


The banquet was scheduled for tonight.

It was still early, and the kitchen was making preparations.

Tao Yuxuan came early because she hadnt seen Shi Xi for a long time, so she made some preparations.

Shi Xi went to the kitchen to get a few strawberry puddings.

She brought Tao Yuxuan into her room and asked directly, “Do you want to teach Ning Yu a lesson tonight”

Tao Yuxuan smiled awkwardly.

“Dont worry, we wont let her find out.”

Shi Xi was helpless.

“What do you guys want to do”

“We just want her to make a fool of herself.

Dont worry, we wont implicate you!” Tao Yuxuan said confidently, “Are you still worried about me”

Shi Xi: “Of course Im worried.

Youre not reliable.”

Tao Yuxuan: “”

“Just wait and see.” Tao Yuxuan was too lazy to explain.

“Im going downstairs to get ready.”

Shi Xi was speechless.

“You came so early just to get ready to teach Ning Yu a lesson”

Tao Yuxuan: “Thats right.

Why else would I come so early”

Shi Xi followed behind her, wanting to see what Tao Yuxuan was up to.

She wasnt worried about Ning Yu.

She was just worried that Tao Yuxuan, the cannon fodder sister, would die too tragically.


When she was reading the novel, she could read ten lines at a glance.

She could not remember many details clearly.

She only remembered that she had fed the fish in the end.

As for what happened to Tao Yuxuan, she could not remember clearly.

Just as she walked out, Tao Yuxuan whispered, “Wow! Your fiancé is here!”

Shi Xi looked up and saw Sheng Yan walking in from outside.

Sheng Yan was tall and handsome.

Wherever he appeared, everyones eyes would automatically look at him.

Shi Xi was no exception.

Her gaze fell on Sheng Yan.

Then she looked at Sheng Yans hair.

It was a pity that he would be bald in the future.



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