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“How about this” Ryan carefully looked at Ning Yu and probed, “Miss Ning, can I hire you to be my personal bodyguard for the time being”

From the description just now, Ryan had a certain understanding of Ning Yus combat strength.

Someone who could force an assassin to jump into the sea definitely had something.

So, Ryan came up with such agood idea.

Everyone looked at Ning Yu.

Ning Yu: “Not good.”

“Ill give you money.

You can have as much money as you want!” Ryan quickly said.

Of course, his life was more important.

Ning Yu said, “I dont like being a bodyguard.”

Ryan: “As long as you and I live in the same room!”

Shi Xi said, “Youre thinking about too much.”

Ning Yu glanced at Ryan and said calmly, “Im sleeping in the room next to yours.

If anything happens, I can hear it.”

It was a polite rejection.

Ryan was pushing his luck.

“Then, then can I sleep in your room I can sleep on the carpet.”

Leng Qiankuns mouth twitched.

Was his security on the cruise ship that bad


It didnt seem like much.

“I like to sleep alone.” Ning Yu firmly disagreed.

In the end, Leng Qiankun sent four bodyguards to Ryan.

Two stood guard at the door, and two stayed in the room with Ryan.

Something bad flashed through Shi Xis mind.

Hehe, hehehe.

“The meeting is over, why are you still smiling foolishly Your feet dont hurt anymore” Xie Yunzhou asked.

“Ah Its nothing.” Shi Xi came back to her senses and said, “Lets go back and rest too.”

She should not have been involved in tonights matter.

Xie Yunzhou pushed Shi Xi back.

The pants on the wheels were pulled out and it could be used normally.

Ning Yu looked at Shi Xi and pondered for a moment before asking, “If youre afraid at night, you can sleep with me.”

Shi Xi looked up at Ning Yu.


“Its best not to be afraid.” Ning Yu turned her head and avoided Shi Xis gaze.

“The assassins target isnt you.

Just close the door tightly.”

“Im not afraid.” Shi Xi sighed slightly.

Compared to being avenged by the assassin, she felt that being with Ning Yu would be more dangerous.

Returning to the sixth floor, Shi Xi met Tao Yuxuan who had just returned.

When she saw that Shi Xi was wearing Xie Yunzhous coat, Tao Yuxuans eyes immediately flashed with a gossipy look.

“Didnt you guys leave the banquet a long time ago Where did you go on a date” Tao Yuxuans eyes darted between the two of them.

Xie Yunzhou did not admit or deny it.

“Ill go back and rest first.

Dont chat with your friends for too long,” Xie Yunzhou said.

“Ill leave my clothes with you first.”

Shi Xi obediently replied, “Okay.”

Tao Yuxuan took the wheelchair.

“Dont worry, President Xie.

Ill definitely take good care of Xi Xi!”

Shi Xi thought to herself,The thing Im most worried about is being taken care of by you.

Tao Yuxuan pushed Shi Xi into the room.

“I didnt expect you to really get together with Xie Yunzhou!”

“Watch your words.

We only ran into a little problem and thats why we came back late.” Shi Xi went to the table and poured herself a glass of water.

“What happened Did you run into an assassin” Tao Yuxuan joked.

Shi Xi: …Thats true.

However, only the few of them knew that they ran into an assassin.

Leng Qiankun suggested that they keep it a secret.

If everyone on the cruise ship knew that there was an assassin, it would only cause panic.

“Its a pity that you guys left the banquet too early and didnt see what happened later,” Tao Yuxuan described it vividly.

“After you guys left, someone who didnt wear pants–”

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