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On the other side of the cruise ship.

Ryan took off his pants and continued to escape.

The assassin followed closely behind.

Just as he was about to raise his gun to shoot, there was an extremely soft sound of footsteps behind him.

The assassin instantly came back to his senses and aimed the muzzle behind him.

Ning Yu stopped in her tracks.

Even though she was facing the muzzle, her face was still cold and indifferent.

“Keane Who bought you to kill him”

The assassin sneered.

“Since you know me, you should know.

I wont tell you the information about the buyer.”

“Wait until I catch you, then youll tell me.” Ning Yu raised her eyes slightly, revealing the sharpness in her eyes.

She was clearly the one being aimed at, but her eyes had a light unique to hunters.

The assassin was surprised.

Wasnt she afraid of death!

But those who knew him were definitely not ordinary people.

The assassin no longer hesitated and fired at Ning Yu.

However, Ning Yu rushed toward the muzzle of the gun and tilted her head to dodge the bullet.


The assassin retreated and fired at the same time.

He definitely couldnt let her get close to him!

When the assassin thought of this, fear instantly rose in his heart.


After the bullet hit empty air, the assassin threw the gun at Ning Yu, flipped over the railing, and jumped into the sea.


In the conference room.

“So, the assassin jumped into the sea to commit suicide” Ryan asked.

Ning Yu said calmly, “Maybe there was someone helping him.”

Ryan asked, “Then why didnt you continue to chase after him”

Ning Yu couldnt be bothered to answer such a stupid question.

“Its night now, and Ning Yu wasnt prepared.

Jumping into the sea is tantamount to suicide.” Shi Xi leaned against her wheelchair and asked, “But you, the Prince of A Country, why dont you have any bodyguards with you”

Ryan said awkwardly, “I dumped my bodyguards and came out to play.”

There were only two words in Shi Xis heart: Courting death.


Leng, is there anything you want to say about this incident that happened on your cruise ship” Ning Yu looked at Leng Qiankun.

Leng Qiankun shrugged and said, “Miss Ning, Im just an ordinary person.

An assassin has tried every means to board the ship.

This is not something I can stop.”

Ryan also said, “Leng is very good to me.

He even lent me his pants.”

Everyone: “…”

If you dont mention this matter, no one would want to talk about it again.

Ryan ran all the way to the banquet without his pants on.

He pushed the door open and shouted, “Theres an assassin!”

The entire banquet instantly fell silent and looked at Ryan.

His legs that were exposed outside.

Leng Qiankun saw that it was Ryan, so he immediately took him away and gave him a pair of pants to wear.

After Ning Yu forced the assassin to jump into the sea, the few of them went to the meeting room to review the matter together.

“The information on that person is out.” Leng Qiankun looked at the tablet and said, “Its a fake identity.”

Ning Yu said, “His name is Keane, and hes a famous assassin internationally.

Hes good at using a sniper rifle and his marksmanship is very accurate.”

Leng Qiankun was deep in thought.

“It is indeed not easy to bring a sniper rifle onto a cruise ship.”

“Since the assassin has already jumped into the sea, then we should be safe.” Shi Xi said sleepily, “Can we go back to sleep now”

“He might have an accomplice,” Leng Qiankun said plainly.

Ryan immediately became nervous.

“Then, then what should I do”

Ning Yu said, “Keane is a lone ranger.

He wont have an accomplice.”

Ryan heaved a sigh of relief and said with relief, “Thats good.”

Ning Yu said, “But we cant rule out the possibility that there will be other people who want to kill you.”

Ryans relaxed heart was raised.

Leng Qiankun said, “Ill have my bodyguards stand guard outside your door.

I wont let you get hurt.”

Shi Xi thought that it was really troublesome.

Wouldnt everything be fine if they just threw Ryan into the sea

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