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The assassin did not expect Shi Xi to suddenly stand up.

But he was a professional assassin, after all.

He loosened his right hand that was holding the gun, and the gun fell down and was caught by his left hand.

His left hand steadily held the gun, and he aimed it at Ryan, who was behind the wheelchair.

At this time, Ryan had already taken off his pants that were wrapped by the wheel, and he rolled and crawled to the corner.

Hearing the gunshot, Shi Xi bent her knees and used her knee to hit the assassins abdomen.

The assassin did not expect that Shi Xi was in a wheelchair but her movements were so agile.

In a moment of carelessness, he was kicked in the stomach and took a few steps back.

Shi Xi only wanted to grab the gun in his hand and forgot about the injury on her foot.

She had just taken one step when she fell face down on the ground.

Shi Xi: “…”

The assassin: “…”

Seeing the direction that Ryan had left, the assassin stepped over Shi Xi and continued to chase after him.

Shi Xi supported herself on the ground with both hands, trying to get up.

Ning Yu, who had rushed over after hearing the gunshots, saw Shi Xi and immediately came over to help her up.

She asked, “Whats going on”

“Someone is trying to kill the Prince of A Country.

Hes headed that way.” Shi Xi pointed in the direction and urged, “Hurry up and save him!”

Hearing that, Ning Yu did not hesitate to get up and chase after the assassin.

Shi Xi, who was half supported, thought that she would be able to stand up.

In the end, she realized that her right leg, which was originally uninjured, was starting to hurt.

Did she twist it as well!

Shi Xi sat on the ground and looked at the sky speechlessly.

Her phone was in her bag on the electric wheelchair.

Although the electric wheelchair was only two meters away from her, she did not dare to move recklessly at this moment, afraid that her bones would misplaced.

“Is anyone there”


“Im Shi Xi.

Isnt anyone looking for me”

Shi Xi sat on the ground weakly.

As the sea breeze blew past, Shi Xi hugged her shoulders and shivered.

“I wont be forgotten just like that and freeze to death, right

‘Then whats the difference between this and feeding the fish

‘I wont fall in the sea, right

“Help! Sister Ning Yu! Tao Yuxuan! Leng Qiankun! Where are all of you!”

No one cared.

Shi Xi looked at the electric wheelchair not far away and made a difficult decision.

She turned over, lay on the ground, and prepared to climb over.

Although the posture was not very beautiful, the secondary damage to the feet was minimal.

Shi Xi climbed a few steps forward.

Just as she was about to touch the electric wheelchair, a pair of leather shoes appeared in front of her.

Black suit pants.

She looked up again.

Xie Yunzhou.

Shi Xi was silent for a moment before saying, “…Happy New Year”

Xie Yunzhou carried Shi Xi and placed her on the wheelchair.

He asked, “Why did you fall”

“Its a long story.” Shi Xi took a deep breath and said, “Send me to the doctor first.

There should be a doctor on the cruise ship.”

Xie Yunzhou passed the coat he brought to Shi Xi and asked nervously, “Where are you hurt Is it serious”

Shi Xi said, “Ask the doctor later.”

She did not know if it was serious or not.

Xie Yunzhou wanted to push the wheelchair, but he realized that the wheelchair could not move.

He looked down and saw that a pair of pants was stuck in the wheelchairs wheel.

“Ill carry you over.” Xie Yunzhou directly carried the girl and strode toward the infirmary on the cruise ship.

Shi Xi suddenly bumped into Xie Yunzhous chest and rubbed her forehead.

Injury 1


Medical ward.

The doctor carefully touched Shi Xis ankle and said, “Its just swollen.

No bones were hurt.”

Shi Xi asked, “Are you sure”

“Im sure.

If you apply this medicine, the swelling on your ankle will go down and the pain will go away.” The doctor paused for a moment and then said, “When the cruise ship docks, you can go to the hospital to take an X-Ray.”

Shi Xi: “…”

Xie Yunzhou rubbed the space between his eyebrows.

“Tomorrow morning, the cruise ship will dock.

Lets go to the hospital first.”

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