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“Wait a minute.” Just as Tao Yuxuan was about to walk out of the banquet door, she said, “I havent seen the prince yet.”

Shi Xi:

Tao Yuxuan released the wheelchair handle and said to Xie Yunzhou, “Send Xi Xi back.

Ill stay for a while.”

“Have fun.” Shi Xi smiled like a plastic sister.

“Ill definitely get the prince back.” Tao Yuxuan cheered herself on.

Shi Xi thought to herself,Youre dreaming.

‘The prince will only be for Ning Yu.

Xie Yunzhou pushed Shi Xi out and asked, “Shall I send you back to rest”

After eating and drinking, and watching the show, it was indeed time to rest.

Shi Xi saw the bright moon outside and said, “Push me to the deck.

I want to get some wind.”

She wanted to digest her food while she was at it.

She had eaten a little too much.

Xie Yunzhou replied, “Okay.”

The sea surface at night was black.

One could not see the end of it at a glance.

The bright moon hung high in the sky, and the sea surface refracted bits of light.

It looked like silk woven by mermaids.

“Its so beautiful!” Shi Xi held onto the railing and jumped up with one leg.

“Be careful.” Xie Yunzhou held onto her.

“Its alright.

The doctor said its fine as long as I dont use too much strength with my left foot.” Shi Xi held onto the railing and looked into the distance.

It was a little cold.

The sea breeze at night was even colder than during the day.

Shi Xi looked at Xie Yunzhous coat and thought to herself that the big boss villain definitely did not like her.

Otherwise, he would have put the coat on her like a gentleman.

“The wind is too strong.” Xie Yunzhou noticed that Shi Xi shrugged.

Shi Xi: “Its alright, lets watch for a while more.”

Seeing that Shi Xi still wanted to stay, Xie Yunzhou said, “Ill go get you a jacket.”

“…Alright.” Shi Xis gaze was complicated.

After watching Xie Yunzhou leave, Shi Xi asked the system,System, dont you think that theres something wrong with Xie Yunzhou

System: [I dont think so.]

Shi Xi looked at the rolling waves and thought,Maybe thats his personality.

The system interrupted: [Dont talk about Xie Yunzhou.

Hurry up and go back.

Its almost time for the plot point!]

Shi Xi was puzzled.

“Plot Point”

The system: [Yeah, Prince Ryan will be assassinated in a while.]

Shi Xis almond-shaped eyes widened.


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