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Shi Xi and Nan Yi were quite far apart, so she couldnt hear what Nan Yi said clearly.

But looking at Nan Yis elated expression, Shi Xi could only guess.

This was the arrogance of a female supporting role before being slapped in the face.

Eh, why bother

On the stage, Hua Hengzhe had already failed twice in a row, so he didnt dare to make any promises anymore.

However, the two arrows that he had unintentionally shot hit both went in.

He received the pearl bracelet.

Hua Hengzhe received the pearl bracelet and returned to Ning Yus side.

“Well, thats all I won.”

Before Ning Yu could say anything, Nan Yi spoke up.

“Although I wasnt able to get that white jade pendant, this silver necklace is pretty good.” Nan Yi deliberately held the silver necklace and said to her companion, “Help me put it on.”

Hua Hengzhe took a look and said, “Ning Yu, why dont I find a rope and string these pearls into a necklace and change them into a pearl necklace for you”

Ning Yu: “…You are really a talent.”

“The pearls on this bracelet are not enough.” Nan Yi listened from the side and smiled.

“Ning Yu, why dont you go on stage and try to see if you can win another pearl bracelet and string it into a pearl necklace”

Hua Hengzhe nodded.

“Good idea!”

Good idea my ass!

Ning Yu wanted to crack Hua Hengzhes head open to see if there was brain matter or pearls inside.

Nan Yi looked at Ning Yu.

Ning Yus eyes were cold and indifferent.

She walked past the two of them and went onto the stage.

After receiving five arrows, Ning Yu was not in a hurry to throw the arrows.

Instead, she weighed the arrows and measured the length and width of the arrows.

Nan Yi and Tao Yuxuan said almost at the same time:

“Putting on an act.”

Both of them did not like Ning Yu, and they both had disdainful expressions on their faces.

“Why is she here” Tao Yuxuan had a look of disdain on her face.

“How can anyone get on this cruise ship”

Shi Xi: “Shes my sister.”

Tao Yuxuan snorted lightly and did not say anything else.

But she did not say that she wanted to go back.

It was obvious that she wanted to stay and watch Ning Yu make a fool of herself.

Ning Yus visual evaluation ended.

To the bystanders, she only looked at the arrow.

Then, Ning Yu threw the arrow.

The arrow drew a beautiful arc in the air.

It accurately landed in the pot.

The spectators below the stage applauded and cheered:


“The little girl is amazing!”

“One more!”

Ning Yu picked up the second arrow and threw it in again.

The arrow did not miss.

The five arrows all fell into the pot!

The host did not expect that Ning Yu, who looked like a weak little girl, would have such high accuracy in her combat ability!

“Congratulations to this little girl.

She was the first to hit five arrows and obtained our white jade pendant!” The host gave the box containing the white jade pendant to Ning Yu.

Ning Yu took the box and said, “Thank you.”

Below the stage, Nan Yi gritted her teeth and stomped her feet before turning around to leave.

Hua Hengzhe said regretfully, “Its just a pearl bracelet string.

How could it be changed into a pearl necklace”

Tao Yuxuan was extremely unhappy when she saw that Ning Yu had successfully hit five arrows in a row.

She pushed Shi Xis wheelchair and walked out.

“Lets go, lets go back and rest.”

Shi Xi: …She had said that if she sat in the wheelchair, she would lose her freedom.

She had wanted to say hello to Ning Yu.

However, a person in a wheelchair could not control where they wanted to go.

This was the illogical aspect of a wheelchair.

In the future, she must invent a type of wheelchair that no one could push away!

Shi Xi was thinking out of the box.

After Ning Yu received the white jade pendant, she swept her gaze over it and Shi Xis figure disappeared.

Her eyes drooped slightly.

Ning Yu could only go back to Hua Hengzhe first and said to him, “Im going to rest first.”

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