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Although very few people managed to hit one of the five arrows, most of them managed to hit at least one.

As for Tao Yuxuan, she did not manage to hit a single arrow.

Shi Xi revealed an expression that said that she was right.

After Tao Yuxuan got off the stage, she went straight to Shi Xis side and looked at her pearl bracelet enviously.

“This pearl bracelet is really beautiful.”

The pearls were spotlessly white and each grain was full and lustrous.

When worn on the wrist, it made the wrist look even more slender.

“Do you like it” Shi Xi raised her hand and turned her wrist.

Tao Yuxuan nodded.

Shi Xi smiled slyly.

“Go pitch-pot yourself.”

“Everyone only gets one chance.” Tao Yuxuan sighed.

“Otherwise, Ill get President Xie to pitch-pot for me.”

Xie, tool man, Yunzhou: “…”

Shi Xi said, “When its over, ask Leng Qiankun for a string.”

This pearl bracelet was not expensive, but what one could not get was always the best.

That was why Tao Yuxuan could not forget it.

“Xi Xi, arent you going to give it a try” Tao Yuxuan urged, “Anyway, you dont need to stand.

You can throw it.”

“Forget it.

Im afraid that people will say that Im disabled.” Shi Xi persuaded Tao Yuxuan to give up the idea and said, “Besides, Ive already got the bracelet I want.”

This trip was not in vain.

Tao Yuxuan did not get anything.

At this moment, she began to be ineffectual and furious.

“Its all because of the games setup! That pot was placed so far away.

How can a girl throw it in!”

Just as she finished speaking, Nan Yi, who was on stage, threw the arrow into the pot.

The audience cheered.

Tao Yuxuan said, “Shes just a blind cat that ran into a dead rat.

See how many arrows she can throw in!”

Nan Yi threw four arrows in a row.

Tao Yuxuan was even angrier.

Except for the first arrow, Nan Yi threw four arrows in.

Nan Yi didnt care about the prizes.

She just wanted to show off.

She smiled casually and said, “Its not too difficult.”

Tao Yuxuan said, “So annoying.”

“Theres nothing to see.

Lets go,” Tao Yuxuan suggested.

“Wait, lets take a look at this.” Shi Xi saw Hua Hengzhe go on stage.

She wanted to see what kind of astonishing results Hua Hengzhe could produce after eating seven roasted pork trotters.

Before going on stage, Hua Hengzhe patted his chest and assured Ning Yu, “Dont worry, I will definitely win that white jade pendant and give it to you.”

Ning Yu did not care about this kind of activity at all.

However, when she saw that Shi Xi was present, her eyes moved slightly.

After all, in a group of people, the most special was the most eye-catching.

Shi Xi was sitting in a wheelchair at such a young age, which was especially eye-catching.

Ning Yu frowned slightly.

When she saw that Shi Xis ankle was cast, she relaxed her brows.

It seemed that she was only slightly injured, not paralyzed.


Hua Hengzhe went up on stage aggressively, ready to win the white jade pendant for Ning Yu.

Nan Yi gritted her teeth.

“Hua Hengzhe, Im your sister! Why are you biased toward outsiders!”

“Dont spout nonsense.

Im an only child.” Hua Hengzhe immediately corrected her.

“Youre my cousin.”

Nan Yi: Its Hua Hengzhes fault that Im so angry that Im sick.

Hua Hengzhe went up on stage confidently.

He picked up the arrow and aimed at the opening of the pot.

He missed the first arrow.

Nan Yi chuckled and said deliberately, “Cousin, even if you hit the last four arrows, you wont be able to get the white jade pendant!”

She had thought that her cousin was amazing!

It turned out that he was just a pretty pillow.

He looked good but was useless.

Hua Hengzhe took a deep breath and said to Ning Yu, “Its okay, Ill get you a silver necklace!”

Ning Yu: …I dont need it.

Hua Hengzhe aimed at the mouth of the pot and threw the second arrow.

It missed.

Nan Yi burst out laughing and said, “Sorry, I didnt mean to laugh.

I really couldnt help it.”

It was so funny.

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