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Seeing that it was pitch-pot, everyone felt relaxed.

Wasnt it just throwing an arrow into a pitcher

How easy it was.

That was, until the field was cleared, and the staff made a mark.

The contestants had to stand five meters away and hold the arrow and throw the pitcher.

Who could hit it!

The pitcher was so far away!

Shi Xi instantly missed the game of hoops.

Simply thinking about it, the two games had a lot of similarities.

They both threw one thing onto the other.

If you succeed, you win.

After the venue was marked, there were people who enthusiastically participated.

But the distance was too far, and the mouth of the pot was narrow.

Very few people could throw it in.

Xie Yunzhou pushed Shi Xi in and saw the bustle.

He asked, “What do you want”

There were three types of gifts: a pearl bracelet, a silver necklace, and a pair of white jade pendants.

Shi Xi leaned against the back of her wheelchair and said, “That pearl bracelet.

It matches the sea quite well.”

After all, it was a lively event organized by Leng Qiankun.

She was not so ruthless.

Xie Yunzhou nodded and went forward to receive five arrows.

When Tao Yuxuan saw Xie Yunzhou go on stage, her eyes widened in surprise.

Did the capitalists also take a fancy to this little reward

She immediately turned her gaze and saw Shi Xi beside her.

Oh, she was just thinking that she had forgotten something.

So it was because she had forgotten about her disabled bestie.

Tao Yuxuan averted her gaze awkwardly and pretended not to remember.


According to the rules, one could receive the pearl bracelet after putting in two arrows.

Xie Yunzhou threw the first two arrows into the pot.

The people around him cheered.

“Awesome, awesome!”

“One more!”

“Maybe you can get all five arrows!”

Xie Yunzhou stopped and turned to ask the staff member beside him, “Will we be able to get the pearl bracelet like this”

The staff member was stunned for a moment before he recovered and said, “Ah, yes, thats right.”

Xie Yunzhou reached out his hand.

The staff member was surprised.

“There are still three arrows left.

Arent you going to throw them”

“She only wants the pearl bracelet.” Xie Yunzhou looked in Shi Xis direction.

The staff member wanted to say something else, but the host quickly said, “Sir, please go to the side of the stage to receive the prize.”

Xie Yunzhou acknowledged.

The host glared at the talkative staff member and said, “If he really hit all five shots and took away the white jade pendant so quickly, what are we going to play with”

Staff member: Thats true.

After Xie Yunzhou received the pearl bracelet, he returned to Shi Xis side.

“I got it.”

Shi Xi stretched out her hand and was about to take it.

Xie Yunzhou had already squatted down and untied the clasp of the pearl bracelet, helping Shi Xi put it on.

Looking at Xie Yunzhou squatting in front of her, who was seriously helping her put on the bracelet, Shi Xi was stunned.

Were they really friends now


After Xie Yunzhou put on the pearl bracelet for Shi Xi, he adjusted it, and looked up.

“Its done.”

“Well… Thank you.” Shi Xi looked at the pearl bracelet on her wrist and said, “Youre very good.

Have you played it before”

“Ive played darts before.

This kind of throwing activity is more or less the same.” Xie Yunzhou asked, “Do you want to go back”

Those who went up to pitch-pot were almost all arrows that missed their target.

Shi Xi was bored watching and was about to say that she wanted to go back when she saw Tao Yuxuan go up on stage.

“Wait,” Shi Xi said, “After watching her pitch-pot.”

Tao Yuxuan went up on stage confidently and elegantly.

She stared at her for a long time.

She missed.

Shi Xi blinked.

Fortunately, she didnt have any expectations for Tao Yuxuan at all.

She just wanted to watch the show.

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