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“No, it was Nan Yi who said she was coming.

Im with her.” Hua Hengzhe ate the golden roasted fish, with only food in his eyes.

The roasted pig trotters in Shi Xis hands instantly lost their fragrance.

Nan Yi.

The Prince of A Country.

The cruise ship.

She remembered this plot!

Ning Yu was ridiculed by Nan Yi at the cruise party, so she showed her small hand and slapped Nan Yi in the face, gaining the favor of the Prince of A Country.

After the party ended, Ning Yu saved the almost assassinated Prince of A Country and captured the princes heart.


After that, the pursuit group of the arsonist Ning Yu added another person.

Shi Xi patted her head.

She had been hanging out with Tao Yuxuan all this time, and she had actually forgotten about this plot!

System: [You didnt appear at this plot point, so I didnt remind you.]

Shi Xi thought about it and agreed.

‘So, assassinations have nothing to do with me

The system reminded, [Close the door at night.]

Shi Xi nodded.

Hua Hengzhe saw Shi Xi nod and said, “You also think that this roasted pork trotter is delicious, right Ive eaten six of them!”

Shi Xi choked.

“Then why are you still eating”

“Its delicious.” Hua Hengzhe finished the roasted fish and picked up another shrimp.

“You cant get full on these seafood!”

Shi Xi gave up on continuing to communicate with this simple-minded person.


“Do you still want to eat grilled pork trotters” Hua Hengzhe asked.

“Ive made another one.”

Shi Xi said, “Yes.”

It was really delicious.

Other people socialized at banquets, and only the two of them got together to eat barbecue.

Shi Xi finished eating two grilled pork trotters and was already full.

When Hua Hengzhe saw that she was full, he felt rather regretful and continued eating his seventh grilled pork trotters.

“Youre not full yet” Shi Xi was a little afraid that Hua Hengzhe would die from overeating.

Hua Hengzhe: “Im almost full.

I didnt even feel anything after eating the first six roasted pig trotters.

I should be full after eating this.”

Shi Xi: “…Yu still need to use the seven bread principles to eat roasted pig trotters”

Hua Hengzhes eyes flashed with an ignorant glint.

“What bread”

“Its the seven bread principles.” Shi Xi wanted to explain, but was afraid that she would be infected if she got too close to a fool, so she said, “It seems like its getting lively over there.

Shall we go and take a look”

Hua Hengzhe immediately walked over, not taking into account the situation of Shi Xi, a disabled person.

Shi Xi: “…”

She was used to being pushed by others, so she was actually not used to being ignored at this time.

Sure enough, Hua Hengzhe did not disappoint her.

With his two long legs, he successfully squeezed into the crowd.

He left Shi Xi far behind.

Shi Xi controlled her wheelchair, wanting to go in and take a look at the commotion.

However, there were too many people in front of her.

Shi Xi was afraid that she would cause a car accident if she went in, so she didnt want to watch the show.

‘Lets go and eat some roasted pork trotters.

Just as Shi Xi was about to turn the wheelchair around, the handle of the wheelchair was pressed down.

“You want to go in and take a look” Xie Yunzhou saw that Shi Xi was controlling the wheelchair to come over, but she couldnt go in no matter what, so he guessed that she wanted to go in and watch the show.

“Uh, I dont have to go in.”

“I want to go in and take a look.” Xie Yunzhou pushed Shi Xi and sent her to the front of the show.

In the middle of the banquet, there was a large space.

There was a vase on the ground, and there were a lot of arrows beside it.

The host explained the rules of pitching in both Chinese and foreign languages.

There were five arrows in total.

If two arrows were thrown in, one could get a pearl bracelet.

If four arrows were thrown in, one would obtain a silver necklace.

And the first person to throw in all of them would obtain a pair of white jade pendants.

Shi Xi swept her gaze over and saw Nan Yi and Ning Yu in the crowd.

There was also Tao Yuxuan, who was supposed to be with her but had abandoned her early on.

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