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Shi Xi felt that the dress was a little too much.

“Ill start a diet from today!” Shi Xi made a promise.

“Ha, a womans mouth is a liar.” Han Chuan tilted his head slightly and said lazily, “Lets go to Shis house first.”


After getting into the nanny van, Han Chuan opened his laptop and asked, “Did you buy fans to get your account blocked”

At this point, Shi Xi felt very wronged.

“I didnt buy any fans! It was my friend who helped me out of kindness, and in the end, my account was blocked.”

Han Chuan typed on the keyboard and said, “Ill talk to the people on Weibo and see if I can get your account back.”

After all, it was an account with 8 million fans!

Shi Xi leaned back in her chair.

“Forget it.

Cancel that.

Ill register another one.”

Anyway, that was not her attention.

It was Han Chuans turn to be surprised.

“Such a good account, youre giving up just like that” Han Chuan looked at Shi Xi and nodded slightly.

“Youre a little different from before.”

In the past, Shi Xi was calculative and vengeful, but now she was much more composed and reserved.

Even her brain had grown out.

“Of course Im different from before.” Shi Xi took out a small mirror and said confidently, “Im much prettier than before!”

Han Chuan did not continue.

He sent Shi Xi an account and password and said, “This is a Weibo account for you to re-authenticate.

You can use this account in the future.”

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Shi Xi entered the account password and asked in confusion, “When did you apply”

Even if he wanted to authenticate, it would not be so fast.

“When your account was banned, I re-applied.” Han Chuan was indeed an experienced manager.

He handled things in an orderly manner.

He then reminded her, “Dont use this account to like others, and dont buy your own followers.

Also, let me review it before posting on Weibo in the future.”

Many artists had made a big joke because of the matter of posting on Weibo.

Han Chuan did not want his own artists to be like this.

Shi Xi nodded and asked, “Then should I post on Weibo now”


Han Chuan sized up Shi Xi.

“When you get out of the car, Ill take a few photos of you.”

Shi Xis clothes today were very suitable for taking photos.

Shi Xi nodded.

When they reached the Shi Family home, Shi Xis mother saw Shi Xi and her eyes turned red.

She went forward and held Shi Xis hand.

“Look at you, youve lost weight again.”

Han Chuan, who was beside her, was speechless.

He estimated that Shi Xi had gained at least five kilograms.


Shi Xi quickly said, “Im not thin.

Its the clothes that make me look thin.”

Shi Xis mother pulled Shi Xi into the house.

As they walked, she reprimanded, “You live outside, how can you eat and sleep as well as you do at home”

“Aiya, Im going to work.” Shi Xi thought to herself that there was no female lead outside, so she didnt know how happy she was.

“Oh right, wheres Ning Yu”

“Shes not back yet.” At the mention of Ning Yu, Shi Xis mothers face was a little unhappy.

She said in a low voice, “She goes out early and comes back late every day.

Theres no one around.

I dont know who shes with.”

Shi XI had read novels before and knew that Ning Yu was a big shot.

“Shes probably going out to play with her friends.”

She sighed and said worriedly, “I originally hired a teacher to teach her some manners, but shes not at home every day.

Im afraid that shell make a fool of herself at the banquet today.”

“She wont.” Shi Xi thought to herself, you should worry about me instead.

Im the one who made a fool of myself at the banquet.

“Oh right, Ill transfer this months pocket money to you.

Remember to buy more beautiful clothes.” Shi Xis mother happily transferred the money to Shi Xi.

Shi Xis phone vibrated and a message popped up.

[Your account ending in 4399 has completed the transaction of 200,000.

The balance is 271,896.]

200,000 pocket money!



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