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After hanging up the phone, Shi Xi called Han Chuan again and reported the situation.

Han Chuan said, “[Nine Blades of Tang] is indeed a very good script.

Last weeks drama can only be seen by chance, so the company will definitely give priority to this drama.”

“What about my drama Is it really going to be delayed” Shi Xi asked.

“The script was prepared in a hurry.

Now that youre back on the set of [Nine Blades of Tang], we can give the company time to prepare properly.” Han Chuan said calmly, “You just need to memorize the script properly.

You dont have to worry about other problems.”

Hearing Han Chuans words, Shi Xi was relieved.

“Okay, thank you, Brother Han.”

Han Chuan: “Your [The Overbearing School Bully Fell In Love With Me] has already been broadcast.

Take more selfies on Weibo while theres still traffic.

Attract fans and strengthen your fans.”

Shi Xi: Okayy.

After hanging up the phone, Shi Xi received the new script for [Nine Blades of Tang] from her tablet.

Seeing the changes above, Shi Xi had no choice but to recite some more lines.

Fortunately, the changes were not that big.

In the evening, Shi Xi changed into her evening gown and prepared to attend the banquet tonight.

Just as she came out of her room, Shi Xi met Xie Yunzhou.

“Ill push you there.” Xie Yunzhou very naturally and familiarly pressed the handle of her wheelchair and pushed Shi Xi forward.

“Ah, thank you.”

Sitting in a wheelchair was a bad thing.

You couldnt refuse even if you wanted to.

You knew that the other partys skill in controlling the wheelchair was average, but you couldnt predict the other partys behavior at all.

If the other party wanted to push you, they would push you.

No wonder everyone didnt like sitting in a wheelchair.

Shi Xi sighed.

“Why are you sighing” Xie Yunzhou lowered his head and glanced at her.

“Youre so young.”

Shi Xi paused for a moment and said, “Its nothing.

Im just thinking about when my foot will recover.”

Xie Yunzhou said, “I think you really like this wheelchair.”

Shi Xi stuck out her tongue.

“Its alright.”

A person with an injured foot would choose a walking stick, which was more conducive to movement.

However, Shi Xi felt that using a walking stick was too tiring.

Unlike an electric wheelchair, which could move by itself, and was easier than walking!

Moreover, the wheels of this wheelchair would even glow at night!


Shi Xi thought of Xie Yunzhou behind her and gave up on turning on the light switch on the wheels.

She was afraid that she would get beaten up.

Now that she was sitting in the wheelchair, she couldnt escape.

When she arrived at the banquet, Shi Xi swept her gaze over and saw that the table was filled with seafood.

She wasnt able to lift her spirits.

She really wanted to eat it.

At that time, she couldnt eat it.

She had eaten too many sweets in the afternoon.

Now, she didnt want to eat snacks anymore.

Could it be that she could only eat fruit

Shi Xi thought to herself,I didnt come here to be a rabbit!

Xie Yunzhou went to get some roasted meat and handed it to Shi Xi.

“Do you want some”

Shi Xi quickly nodded.

After eating, Shi Xi wanted to eat some more.

However, Xie Yunzhou was chatting with someone.

Shi Xi controlled her electric wheelchair and went to the barbeque table, waiting to eat.

“Eh Youre paralyzed”

A voice that deserved a beating sounded, making Shi Xi not feel like answering.

Hua Hengzhe took a plate of barbeque and continued, “The last time we met, you were still fine.

Why are you in a wheelchair after not seeing each other for a few days”

Shi XI: “Its just a cast on my foot.

After some time, Ill be able to walk.”

“I see.” Hua Hengzhe shared, “Then Ill give you this roasted pig trotter.

Eat whatever you want.

Eat more.”

Shi Xi said, “…You should eat more fish.”

Eating fish would make you smarter.

The two people who were not superstitious but would believe these wise words attacked each other.

“You came alone” Shi Xi glanced behind and asked, “Did Hua Xuanhe come”

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