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According to Leng Qiankun, the prince would ask the girl he liked to dance at the banquet.

“Cinderella in real life” Tao Yuxuan asked, “Will she marry him and become the princess consort”

“Its just for fun.

How can it be settled so easily” Shi Xi held her chin.

“Do I have to attend the banquet tonight”

“Come with me!” Tao Yuxuan said to Shi Xi.

“Ill push you!”

Shi Xi: …She was in an electric wheelchair.

She didnt need to be pushed!


“There will be a few small events at the banquet.

There will be gifts.

If you like it, you can join in the fun.” Leng Qiankun smiled.

“Pretty girls are welcome at the banquet.”

Although it was a compliment, Leng Qiankun only looked at Shi Xi.

Shi Xi did not notice it at all.

She only felt that the wind on the deck was too noisy.

Shi Xi hugged her shoulders.

“Its a little cold.

Ill go back first.”

“Ill send you back.” Tao Yu stood up and pushed Shi Xis wheelchair.

Leng Qiankun stayed on the deck.

When Shi Xi went up the stairs, she saw Leng Qiankun walking to the bow of the ship to chat with Ryan.

They knew each other

Doubts flashed across Shi Xis mind.

In just a second, Shi Xi did not probe further.

So what if they knew each other What did it have to do with her


When she returned to her room, Shi Xi received a call from Director Yan.

“Shi Xi.” Director Yans voice was very calm.

“You can stand on one leg now, right”

Shi Xi stood up on one leg, picked up the water bottle on the table, and said, “Yes, why”

Director Yan said, “The scenes for you have been changed.

As long as you can stand, you can continue filming.

If there are martial arts scenes, you can use a stunt double.

How about that”

Shi Xi gulped down half a bottle of water and said, “I dont have any problems, but Im going to join the crew next month.”

“You can ask my manager, Han Chuan, to see if he agrees.”

Director Yan said, “Han Chuan said that as long as you agree to come back, he can make your other show start later.”

Shi Xi: !

Even this could work

Shi Xi hesitated.

Director Yan threw out another temptation.

“As long as you come back, Ill add more scenes for you.”

“This isnt a question of adding more scenes–”

“Add love scenes with Chu Yuan,” Director Yan added.

Chu Yuan, who was beside Director Yan, gave him a sidelong glance.

Shi Xi didnt say anything.

It was a love scene with Chu Yuan!

“Director Yan, I dont have that kind of intention toward Senior Chu Yuan,” Shi Xi returned to her senses and said righteously.

Director Yan said, “Ill let you and Chu Yuan sing the ending song of the album.”

Shi Xi asked, “Whose ending song was it originally”

“It was originally yours alone.” Director Yan looked at Chu Yuan beside him and said, “Ill change it to a two-person song for you.

Ill also shoot a music video for you guys.”

Director Yan was ready to carry out his beauty trap.

Chu Yuan had nothing to say.

“Theres no need.

Its my solo song.

I can sing it myself.” Shi Xi closed the bottle cap and said, “I promise to go back.

Im still outside today.

Wait for me to return to the production team tomorrow afternoon.”

Director Yan heaved a sigh of relief.

“Okay, Ill get Chu Yuan to pick you up tomorrow afternoon.

Ill bring you straight to dinner before you return to the production team.”

Shi Xi:

“Director Yan, I really dont have any improper thoughts toward Senior Chu Yuan!” Shi Xi tried her best to explain.

She only felt that Chu Yuans handsome acting skills were good and his personality was gentle.

“Its fine.

Hes fine on the production team anyway,” Director Yan said with disdain.

Chu Yuan: !

He was the male lead after all, a three-time Best Actor.

But now, he had to be reduced to the driver of a second-rate starlet.

And he was despised by the director.

Shi Xi: “Okay, then Ill thank Senior Chu Yuan in advance.”

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