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When the two of them reached the fishing area, they realized that they were not fishing in the sea.

Instead, there was a large fish tank with a fishing rod outside.

Shi Xi: “…”

Tao Yuxuan: “…”

“Since were already here, lets try fishing.” Shi Xi took a fishing rod and realized that there was no hook on the other end of the fishing line.

“Hm Is this fishing rod broken”

“No, its meant to be like this.” A staff member at the side said, “Just use the fishing line to tie the bait.”

“If thats the case, the fish will eat the bait and run away.

You wont be able to catch the fish,” Shi Xi said.

The staff member said, “Its possible.”

Tao Yuxuan asked while tying the bait, “What if you cant catch the fish”

The staff member replied, “Then its because your skills arent good enough.”

Tao Yuxuan: “…”

However, the two of them just wanted to find a place to sit down, so they put the bait in and looked at the fish in the tank to see when they would take the bait.

Tao Yuxuan stared at her bait.

Just as it was about to be bitten by the fish, a voice suddenly sounded.

“What a coincidence, we ran into you again.”

The fish was scared away and hid in the coral at the bottom of the fish tank, refusing to come out.

Tao Yuxuan looked at the instigator and recognized him as the foreigner who had hit on her in the restaurant.

She said, “You heard that we were coming to fish, so you followed us on purpose, right”

Ryan scratched his head.

“There are too many people in other places.”

They all wanted to run into the prince of the royal family by chance.

Moreover, he had heard that the two of them wanted to meet the prince of the royal family, so he had allowed them to pay their respects properly.

He did not expect Tao Yuxuan to be so disrespectful to him.

Ryan looked at Shi Xi.

Shi Xi probed, “Hello Do you want to fish”

Ryan took the fishing rod from Shi Xis hand.

Tao Yuxuan said lazily, “Dont bother trying to strike up a conversation.

My heart is only for the prince.”

Shi Xi: “You said earlier that you came here to find a suitable marriage partner.”

Tao Yuxuan was at a loss for words.

“By the way, my name is Ryan.” After Ryan introduced himself, he asked, “You are Shi Xi, right”

Shi Xi smiled faintly.

“Yes, its me.

I didnt expect you to know me.”

She was too popular.

Ryan smiled and said, “Beautiful looks are popular throughout the world.”

“Shes not something you can dream of.” Tao Yuxuan interrupted, “Xi Xi, lets change to another place to play.”

From Tao Yuxuans point of view, someone had interrupted their free time.

Shi Xi did not have the ability to say no.

She was in a wheelchair.

Wherever Tao Yuxuan pushed her, she would go.

“Lets go to the chess room on the second floor and play some mahjong,” Tao Yuxuan suggested.

“Ah I dont know how to do that,” Shi Xi whispered.

“Its not good to gamble, right”

“Dont worry.

Its just entertainment.

Its very small,” Tao Yuxuan whispered.

“Or we can go sing.

Theres an entertainment room below.”

Shi Xi nodded.


Tao Yuxuan pushed Shi Xi down.

She suddenly felt as if she had reached the second floor, or as if she had gone down another floor

However, they were already approaching the entertainment room.

Just as they were about to enter, the black-shirted bodyguard at the door stopped them.

“Sorry, this place is not open to the public.”

Tao Yuxuan smiled disdainfully and said arrogantly, “We are VIP guests.

Why cant we enter Move aside!”

Shi Xi: “…”

This friend of hers had a bad temper.

Shi Xi took out her room card and said with a smile, “Hello, we are tourists who live on the sixth floor.”

The bodyguard in black hesitated for a moment and said, “Please come in.”

Just as Tao Yuxuan was about to push Shi Xi in, a foreigner came out from inside.

It was the foreigner that Shi Xi had bumped into earlier.


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