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Shi Xi: “Then Ill go eat by myself”

She was really hungry.

Tao Yuxuan wheeled Shi Xis wheelchair and sighed, “Ill accompany you.”

The guests had all gone to the VIP restaurant on the fourth floor, so the ordinary restaurant on the third floor seemed much more empty.

Shi Xi picked a seat by the window and said, “Two cups of milk tea, one serving of tiramisu and mousse cake, and one serving of pudding.”

Tao Yuxuan said, “I have no appetite.”

Shi Xi said, “Dont worry, I can finish them all.”

Tao Yuxuan leaned on the table and asked, “Xi Xi, do you really think that the prince of the royal family will be on this cruise ship”

“Hmm” Shi Xi flipped through the cruise ship index on the table and looked up in confusion.

“Could it be that Leng Qiankun just released a smoke bomb and wants to sell his royal afternoon tea” Tao Yuxuan had already tried to figure out Leng Qiankuns intentions from a business perspective.

It had to be said that she had made great progress.

Shi Xi smiled and said, “Then why dont you just ask Leng Qiankun directly”

“He might lie to me too!” Tao Yuxuan looked at Shi Xi and urged, “Ask Leng Qiankun for a photo of the royal prince! With the photo, it will be easier to find them!”

Shi Xi was still looking at the introduction of the cruise ship and said, “Why dont you ask him”

Tao Yuxuan said coquettishly, “He likes you, so he will definitely listen to everything you say! He doesnt like.”

Shi Xi said, “Its precisely because he likes me that I cant ask him for help so righteously.”

Coincidentally, the waiter brought the dishes up, and Shi Xi said, “Drink your afternoon tea properly.

Dont mention this again!”

Tao Yuxuan zipped up her mouth.

Shi Xi drank a mouthful of milk tea and scooped up some pudding.

Although it was an ordinary restaurant, the food it made was very delicious.

“Are you really not eating” Shi Xi asked when she saw that Tao Yuxuan was not moving.

Tao Yuxuan zipped up her mouth and started eating the mousse cake.

“The prince is upstairs, drinking royal black tea and eating royal desserts.” Tao Yuxuan looked at the dishes in front of her and said helplessly, “We can only drink milk tea and eat pudding.”

“Its already good enough to have some to eat,” Shi Xi said.

“Maybe the prince is also drinking milk tea and eating pudding!” a cheerful voice interrupted.

The two looked toward the source of the voice.

The foreign man who spoke had blond hair and blue eyes.

He had been sitting by the side, quietly drinking milk tea.

Tao Yuxuan looked up and down at this foreigner.

He was wearing an ordinary white short-sleeved shirt, loose pants, and gray slippers.

It was obvious that he was an ordinary tourist.

“Hes a prince.

Why would he eat these” Tao Yuxuan guessed.

“There are so many people upstairs.

He might be in his room and doesnt dare to come out.”

Ryan thought to himself.

He had indeed been hiding in his room in the morning and did not dare to come out.

Shi Xi looked at the introduction on the cruise book and said, “I see that there are places for fishing on the cruise.

Lets go fishing later.”

Tao Yuxuan was slightly surprised.

“You like fishing Why havent I heard of it before”

Shi Xi smiled.

“Because my legs used to be fine and I could jump up and down.”

Now, she could only sit.

Other than fishing on the cruise ship, there was nothing else that was suitable for her.

“Fishing on the cruise ship feels pretty good.” Tao Yuxuan immediately began to imagine.

“If we can catch lobsters, we can take them directly to the kitchen and have them cook for us.”

Shi Xi: “…”

Tao Yuxuan glanced at Shi Xi and remembered that she was allergic to seafood, so she said, “Cook them for me.”

“We might not be able to catch them.

Lets go take a look.” Shi Xi put down the milk tea cup.

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