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Xie Yunzhou returned to his room and sat in front of his desk, deep in thought.

He didnt hear wrongly.

The foreigner called outHua Wenyin to Shi Xi just now.

Hua Wenyin was President Huas daughter.

How could the foreigner call her wrongly

Xie Yunzhou vaguely felt that there was something…


His cell phone suddenly rang, interrupting Xie Yunzhous train of thought.

It was a work call.

Xie Yunzhou threw himself into his work and temporarily put this matter on hold.


In the afternoon.

Shi Xi was sound asleep when Tao Yuxuan called out to her.

“Whats the matter” Shi Xi sat up and yawned.

“The door isnt locked.

Come in.”

Ever since she had trouble with her legs, Shi Xi rarely locked the door.

Tao Yuxuan was dressed in a flamboyant manner and was dazzling.

She pushed the door open and entered.

The light on her body seemed to be even more dazzling than the lights.

“Since we have nothing to do, lets go to the fourth floor to have tea!”

Shi Xi covered her head with the blanket and said, “Im not going.

I want to continue sleeping.”

Tao Yuxuan pulled up Shi Xis blanket.

“Youve slept too much in the afternoon.

You wont be able to sleep at night.

Come and have tea with me~~~”

“Afternoon tea is the royal black tea and royal dim sum of A Country.

They are all top-notch tea artists and desserts that Leng Qiankun poached from the royal family of A Country!”

Shi Xi sat up.

“Is it good”

Tao Yuxuan paused and said, “The last time I came here, I was on a diet and didnt eat a bite.”

Shi Xi hesitated.

“But I think the royal food must be delicious,” Tao Yuxuan said.

Shi Xi thought about it and agreed.

She stood up and said, “Then lets go take a look.”

When Tao Yuxuan pushed Shi Xi into the fourth floor, she deliberately waited at the door to touch up her makeup.

Shi Xi: “…Youre here to meet that prince of the royal family, right”

Seeing that Tao Yuxuan was dressed so solemnly and even carried her favorite bag, Shi Xi knew that Tao Yuxuan was definitely not just here for afternoon tea.

Tao Yuxuan chuckled.

“Its normal to be a little curious about the crown prince of another country!”

“Hes a prince, he doesnt have political power,” Shi Xi corrected her.

“Its almost the same, almost the same,” Tao Yuxuan said perfunctorily.

“Its almost the same, you should read fewer novels!”

But with that said, Shi Xi also wanted to meet this prince of the royal family.

The appearance of the people of the royal family should not be bad.

After pushing the door open and entering, the two saw that the restaurant was full of people.

Each of them was dressed in resplendent and dazzling clothes.

Tao Yuxuan was surprised.

She deliberately left and looked at the signboard outside.

It was indeed a VIP restaurant!

Why were there so many people

There were two restaurants on the cruise ship.

One was an ordinary restaurant and the other was a VIP restaurant.

VIP guests were free to enter the restaurant.

However, ordinary tourists could only enter an ordinary restaurant.

If they wanted to enter the VIP restaurant, they would have to pay extra.

Looking at the situation before them, other than the VIP guests, the ordinary tourists had also come up.

Looking at half of the foreigners inside, Tao Yuxuan said speechlessly, “Who among them is the prince”

Shi Xi said, “It seems that they all heard that the prince is here, so they came to meet him.”

After all, they had specially introduced something like theroyal afternoon tea today.

Shi Xi thought to herself, this Leng Qiankun really knew how to make money.

“Then what should we do Theres no place to sit.” Tao Yuxuan swept her gaze around and realized that there were still people waiting in line.

“Lets go to the ordinary restaurant downstairs,” Shi Xi said.

Tao Yuxuan said weakly, “What are we going there for”

Shi Xi said, “Were already here.

Arent we going to eat something”

“Im not going to eat, Im not hungry.” Tao Yuxuan, who had rushed over excitedly for afternoon tea, had already turned into a frosted eggplant.

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