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Xie Yunzhou walked around the corner and was hit by the electric wheelchair.

Seeing that it was Shi Xi, Xie Yunzhou said helplessly, “Im fine.

How are you”

“I didnt touch my foot, so I should be fine.” Shi Xi asked, “Are you here to play too”

“Yes.” Xie Yunzhou did not say that he had come specially because he had heard that Shi Xi had come over.

“Hows your foot injury Does it still hurt”

Shi Xi looked at her foot and said, “Actually, it doesnt hurt anymore.

However, the doctor said that I have to apply the plaster for two weeks before I can remove it.”

“Then follow the doctors instructions.” Xie Yunzhou pushed her wheelchair and said, “Where are you going Ill push you over.”

“Theres no need.

This is electric.

I dont need to trouble you.” Shi Xi thought about asking Xie Yunzhou to help her push her wheelchair, and she felt that he was overqualified.

Emmm, this was the sea.

Xie Yunzhou wouldnt directly push her down, right

“You bumped into me just now.

What if you bump into someone else again” Xie Yunzhou didnt let her refuse and directly pushed Shi Xi forward.

Shi Xi couldnt refuse, so she could only say, “Send me to my room.

I want to rest for a while.”

Xie Yunzhou pushed Shi Xi forward.

However, this was also his first time pushing a wheelchair, especially one that was powered by electricity.

Thus, at the next corner, Shi Xi directly bumped into another person.

Shi Xi crossed her hands in front of her forehead, preventing herself from directly bumping into the person.

Shi Xi: “…”

Xie Yunzhou: “…”

“Sorry, sorry!” When Shi Xi saw that she had bumped into a blond foreigner, she hurriedly apologized.

Xie Yunzhou asked Shi Xi, “Are you alright”

Shi Xi shook her head.

“I didnt bump into my foot.”

She had bumped into someone with her arm just now.

At a suitable distance, her foot was still intact.

When the foreigner who had been bumped into saw that Shi Xi was in a wheelchair, he lowered his head and said, “Im fine.”

However, when he saw Shi Xis face clearly, he said in surprise, “Hua Wenyin!”

Shi Xi: “Huh”

The foreigner looked at Shi Xi carefully and quickly said, “Sorry, I mistook you for someone else.”

After saying that, he strode past the two of them and left.

Shi Xi looked at Xie Yunzhou.

Xie Yunzhou: “…Im sorry.

This is my first time pushing a wheelchair, so Im not very familiar with it.”

Shi Xi: !

Youre going to push me like this

Whats the difference between this and me driving a wheelchair

Dont I always bump into people!

Xie Yunzhou was a little embarrassed.

He changed the topic and said, “What do you want to play after youve rested”

“When I bumped into that foreigner just now, I touched his waist.

He had a gun on his waist.” Shi Xi didnt answer Xie Yunzhous question.

She said thoughtfully, “Will there be anything wrong”

It was legal to own a gun in foreign countries.

But this was China!

“There is a gambling den on the first floor of the cruise ship.

There are all kinds of people.” Xie Yunzhou frowned slightly and said, “Before boarding the cruise ship, everyones luggage has been checked.”

He did not know how this Leng Qiankun worked!

“I will talk to Leng Qiankun later and ask them to strengthen the protection work,” Shi Xi said.

Xie Yunzhou pushed her into the room smoothly and said, “I live next door to you.

If you need anything, you can find me.”


Shi Xi: OK

Absolutely not.


The cruise ship had a total of six floors.

Shi Xis room was on the highest floor.

There was not only a big bed, but also a huge bay window.

One could sit on it and enjoy the sea view.

Shi Xi sat on the bay window and called Leng Qiankun first.

After Leng Qiankun said that he would take care of it, Shi Xi was relieved and continued to enjoy the sea view.

The sun shone on the boundless sea, refracting a bit of light.

Just looking at it quietly made her feel relaxed and happy.

After blowing the sea breeze for a few minutes, Shi Xi felt that the wind was too strong and it was a little cold, so she quickly closed the window.

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