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Shi Xi had a happy holiday.

The production team was in a mess.

After Ning Yu left, the video of Nan Wan being rude in the production team somehow leaked out.

She used eyedrops to act in crying scenes, and martial arts substitutes to fight scenes.

Because of her own mistake, she was whipped.

She desperately wanted to whip back, but she was slapped in the face again…

The topic of #Nan Wans Acting Skills# quickly became a hot topic.

[Is this the acting skills that people brag about It cant be the same when filming overseas, right Its so embarrassing.]

[Shes not good-looking, and her acting skills arent good either.

I really dont know how she got this role.]

[Nan Wans existence gave me an illusion.

I can do it too.]

[There are literary and martial artists.

When she cries, she uses eye drops.

Its really easy to earn money for an actor.]

[Real actors always do it on their own.

Its this kind of person who taints an actors reputation.]

[Shes not even as good-looking as Shi Xi.

At least Shi Xi is good-looking.]

[Wan Wan is already working very hard!]

[Wan Wans eyes are red.

Shes already trying her best to act.

Everyone is using doubles.

Such a dangerous move would definitely require a professional.]

[Thats right.

If you dont know, then dont talk nonsense.

I wonder who Wan Wan offended to be stepped on like this.]

[It must be Shi Xi.

I guess Shi Xi didnt act, so she dragged Nan Wan down with her.]


Under the trending searches, fans defended Nan Wan as if she was their own daughter, desperately saying that she was beautiful and hardworking.

If anyone said anything bad about Nan Wan, they would retort.

[Shi Xis fans are really lacking in quality.]

[What kind of acting skills does Shi Xi have Dont the fans have any idea]

[Im dying of laughter.

Compared to Shi Xi, Nan Wans acting skills are better, right]

The wind blew toward Shi Xi in an instant.

#The Overbearing School Bully Fell In Love With Me Set#

Just as Nan Wans fans were mocking Shi Xi, [The Overbearing School Bully Fell In Love With Me] announced that it was set and released a trailer.

Shi Xi played the supporting role of the school belle in [The Overbearing School Bully Fell In Love With Me], and there was quite a bit of footage in the trailer.

A girl wearing a school uniform was walking around the campus with a book in her hands.

She turned around and smiled.

[Ah, Im dead! This is what the school belle looks like in my heart!]

[If our school had such a beautiful school belle, I wouldnt have graduated even if I died!]

In the five-minute trailer, Shi Xis crying scene was specially shown.

The girl standing at the airport had a bitter smile on her face as she wished others well.

When she turned around, her tears fell.

[Come Come to see Shi Xis acting skills]

[Xi Xi Zi, who has both beauty and acting skills, is finally coming!]

[Dont compare her fans.

The more you compare them, the more tragic it gets.]


When Nan Wan saw this trending topic, she was so angry that she smashed her phone.

Her manager was already used to it and reported, “Miss Nan, Director Yan has informed me that you dont have to go to the production team anymore.”

“What” Nan Wan sat up straight in anger.

“What do you mean What do you mean I dont have to go to the production team anymore”

“Ive invested 50 million into the production team, and now youre telling me that I dont have to go to the production team anymore!”

The managers expression did not change.

“Director Yan said that this investment will be returned intact.”

Nan Wan said angrily, “I dont agree!”

“Miss Nan, Chairman Nan is already angry when he found out that you invested 50 million yuan.” The manager said, “Recently, the Nan Corporations orders have plummeted and their income is not enough to cover their expenses.

If this 50 million is returned, the Nan family will have more liquid funds and will be better off.”

“Orders have plummeted Whats going on” Nan Wan frowned.

The manager said, “Im not sure about that.

Im just your manager.”

He was already tired from only working in the entertainment industry.

Please dont get involved in a business war.

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