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“We heard that Shi Xi was injured, so we came over to visit.

We also invited Shi Xi back to the set,” Chu Yuan explained the whole situation.

Director Yan added, “I really want to invite Shi Xi back to continue filming.”

Shi Xu smiled gently.

“As you can see, Xi Xis foot is injured, so she cant go back to filming for the time being.”

“I can increase her pay,” Director Yan said.

Shi Xu: “The Shi family doesnt lack money.”

How could they lack money if they could afford to live in such a villa

Director Yan said stiffly, “Mr.

Shi, whether we film or not depends on Shi Xis decision, right”

Chu Yuan chimed in from the side, “Xi Xi, you said before that youve memorized the script for [Nine Blades of Tang], and youve already filmed dozens of scenes.”

“If you decide not to film it now, all your efforts in the past will be in vain.”

“Since Director Yan has spoken, he will get the stunt double to help you film the martial arts scenes.

He will definitely not let you get hurt again.”

Shi Xus smile faded.

“The two of you, Xi Xi will definitely not film until she recovers from her injuries.

Sister Zhang, send them out.”

Director Yan and Chu Yuan looked at each other.

Ever since the two of them became famous, they had never been chased out.

Shi Xu saw the fruit basket on the table and added, “Bring out all the things they brought.”

Sister Zhang said, “They didnt bring anything over.”

Shi Xi: …

Director Yan: …

Chu Yuan: …

Shi Xi kindly explained, “That fruit basket was brought over by Tao Yuxuan when she came over this morning.”

Three minutes later.

At the entrance of the Shi Residence.

Chu Yuan sighed and said, “We should have brought some things over.”

“We would have been kicked out even if we brought things over,” Director Yan said.

“Ill contact her manager and ask her when shes free.”

“Do you still need to look for Shi Xi” Chu Yuan asked.

When Shi Xi saw such an embarrassing moment, Chu Yuan felt a little awkward just thinking about it.

“What else Do you still want to continue acting with Nan Wan” Director Yan looked up at him.

Chu Yuan immediately said, “No.”

If he continued acting with Nan Wan, he felt that his acting skills would drop by a level.

“Lets go back to the production team first.” Director Yan was helpless.

What was going on!


Shi Family.

Shi Xu looked at the huge fish tank that had appeared in the living room and asked, “Did you buy it”

“No, Leng Qiankun gave it to me,” Shi Xi said.

“He knew that my foot was injured, so he gave me this fish tank and fish to relieve my boredom.”

No one in the Shi family liked to keep pets.

Only Mother Shi liked to keep flowers and plants.

Shi Xi controlled the electric wheelchair and arrived in front of the fish tank.

“I heard that they are all precious species.”

Shi Xu took a glance at it.

He thought to himself, with such a colorful appearance, it was obvious how rare they were!

“Im not sure if its delicious,” Shi Xi added.

Shi Xu: “…Ill fish out two for you and cook them for dinner”

“No, no, Im afraid of being poisoned.” Shi Xi pointed at a small blue fish with a golden tail and said, “Brother, come and take a look.

Its really beautiful!”

“Youre eating this for dinner” Shi Xu smiled.

Shi Xi: !

Shi Xu walked to the fish tank and commented, “Your friends are quite thoughtful.”

“Oh right, Tao Yuxuan and I are going to Leng Qiankuns cruise ship tomorrow.

It will be two days and one night.

Ill report to you first,” Shi Xi said with a smile.


Leng Qiankun had bought a luxury cruise ship and started using it after he went into the water.

Shi Xis ankle was injured, so she couldnt go shopping normally.

Tao Yuxuan wanted her to go on the cruise ship so she could play without moving.

“Sure, take good care of yourself.” Shi Xu rubbed her head.

“Do you want me to accompany you”

Shi Xi covered her hair.

“No need!!”

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