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Shi Xi had been forced to endure too much abuse.

She could vaguely see the embryonic form of being blackened by the entire Internet.

Shi Xi was crying.

In a few days, it would be the Shi Familys banquet day.

Everyone in Feng City knew that the Shi Familys biological daughter had returned.

The purpose of holding this banquet was to introduce the Shi Familys true daughter to everyone.

Initially, Shi Xi did not want to attend the banquet.

After all, in the original novel, her role at the banquet was to be slapped in the face by the female lead.

Why did she have to rush to get slapped

“If you dont go, wont it make people think that youre afraid of Ning Yu!” Tao Yuxuan called to persuade her.

She said bitterly, “Shes a wild girl from the countryside.

What are you afraid of”

Shi Xi thought to herself,Then you dont know how terrifying the female lead is.

Tao Yuxuan: “If you dont come to the banquet, how are you going to watch us teach her a lesson”

Shi Xi: “Ah Youre going to teach her a lesson”

Tao Yuxuan let the cat out of the bag and said, “I didnt say anything!”

Shi Xi said seriously, “Dont bully Ning Yu.

Shes not an easy target.”

“I still have something to do.

Ill hang up first.” Tao Yuxuan quickly hung up the phone.

Shi Xi looked at her phone and felt a headache coming on.

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Cannon fodder sister, dont send someone to their death!

Shi Xi lay on the bed for three seconds and decided to go back to the Shi Family to take a look.

The Shi Family treated the original owner very well.

If she didnt go back today, others would say that the Shi Family was treating her harshly.

Just as Shi Xi was daydreaming, the door was pushed open from the outside.

“Ive only been gone for two days.

Why are you on three trending searches Why is your account blocked too Dont you know to inform me first if theres anything Shi Xi!”


Shi Xi looked at the person who had just entered the room and was stunned.

So, so beautiful.

What a beautiful man!

The person who had just entered had long hair draped over his shoulders.

His face was exquisite and it was difficult to tell if he was male or female.

However, from his Adams apple and flat chest, as well as his clothes, it was clear that he was a man.

He was Shi Xis manager: Han Chuan.

Shi Xi covered herself with the blanket.

“Why didnt you knock when you came in”


Han Chuan narrowed his eyes and did not answer Shi Xis question.

Instead, he said in a certain tone, “Youve gained weight from eating.”

Shi Xi: “!”

Han Chuan said unhappily, “Have you eaten for the past two nights”

Shi Xi recalled how Han Chuan, as her manager, had strict requirements on the original owner, and instantly felt bad.

But what kind of person was she, Shi Xi

Shi Xi puffed out her chest.

“People are made of iron and steel.

How can I not eat!”


Han Chuan sneered and said, “You only rely on that face of yours to make a living.

If you get fat from eating, youll only be able to live on air in the future.”

Shi Xi: “”

She was furious.

What was even more infuriating was that what this man said actually made sense.

She was not the daughter of the Shi Family now, so she could only rely on her own face to make a living.

If she got fat from eating… She might really not be able to eat in the future!


Han Chuan snorted coldly, put the bag in his hand on the bed, and said, “Put on your gown, Ill go to the Shi Family banquet with you.”

“Okay.” Shi Xi nodded subconsciously.

By the time she came back to her senses, Han Chuan had already walked out.

Shi Xi was puzzled.

How did he know that she was going to the Shi Family banquet And he even brought a gown

However, the gown that Han Chuan brought for her was exquisite and gorgeous.

The dark blue dress outlined her figure, and the silver high heels were the finishing touch.

Her long hair was scattered, adding a bit of laziness to the girls elegance.

The green hair was a one-time use.

Now that it had lost its color and turned brown, it still made the girls skin look whiter than snow.

Han Chuan sized up Shi Xi and frowned.

“Youve really put on weight.”


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