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Nan Wan was so angry that she gritted her teeth when she saw it.

However, this scene belonged to Nan Wan and Chu Yuan.

She could only glare at Ning Yu and quickly went on stage.

“I remember that the director of this drama isnt Director Yan Why dont I see him” Ning Yu asked.

“Director Yan is sick from anger.

The assistant director came to shoot these two days,” Mu Zhao said in a low voice.

“I heard that Director Yan went to find a producer to ask Nan Wan to leave.”

Ning Yu: “…”

On the set, Nan Wan was acting with Chu Yuan.

As the second female lead, Nan Wan had many scenes with Chu Yuan.

Chu Yuan had previously acted with Shi Xi.

Now that he was acting with Nan Wan, he could understand the gap between them.

The people watching from the side could also feel the difference in their acting skills.

Chu Yuan was a three-time Best Actor and the core character of the entire drama.

He could be said to be the strongest actor of his age.

As for Nan Wan, her acting skills were terrible.

She could only rely on the little experience she had learned in school to barely act with Chu Yuan.

When she needed to cry, Nan Wan could not cry for a long time.

In the end, she had to use eye drops to make herself shed tears.

The assistant director said, “Pass.

Prepare for the next scene.”

Ning Yu watched from the side and said in surprise, “This works”

“The assistant director doesnt dare to offend Nan Wan.” Mu Zhao applied the ointment on her arm and put it away.

She said, “Where did you buy this ointment I want to buy a few more bottles for backup.”

“This was made by my fathers clinic.” Ning Yu took a look and said, “If you want it, Ill bring a few more bottles next time.”

“Youre so kind.

After I finish filming, Ill treat you to a big meal.” Mu Zhaos eyes curved as she put away the ointment.

“Be careful.

Dont get hurt every day.” Ning Yu frowned.

“Have you used up all the ointment I gave you last time”

“Ive used it up a long time ago.” Mu Zhao smiled.

“Its inevitable that we bump into each other during filming.

Ill be careful.”

“Mu Zhao, its your turn now.”

When she heard the scene attendant call her name, Mu Zhao quickly said to Ning Yu, “Wait for me for a while.

I only have one scene today.

I can leave after filming.”

This scene was Mu Zhao and Nan Wans scene.

Mu Zhao played the role of the evil woman in the play.

Her weapon was a whip.

In this scene, she chased after Nan Wan and swung the whip, causing the injured Nan Wan to dodge.

In order to play this role well, Mu Zhao specially learned how to swing the whip.

Although it was still far from theusing the whip like a god in the play, it could already hit where it was pointed.

The previous scene had been shot with Shi Xi.

Mu Zhao had thought that today would be as simple as this.

However, Nan Wan said, “Youre swinging the whip at me What if it really hits me”

The assistant director said, “Dont worry.

Mu Zhao has learned how to use the whip.

When the time comes, it will only hit the ground.”

“If you see her raise her hand, just dodge to the east.”

Nan Wan was reluctant.

She looked at Mu Zhao and said, “Have some eyes.

If it hits me, just you wait and see!”

Mu Zhao took a deep breath and told herself not to argue with an idiot.

When filming started, Nan Wan entered the plot and treated herself as an injured Tang Xi.

When she saw Mu Zhao raise her hand to whip her, she immediately dodged to the side.

“Ah!” Nan Wan, who had been whipped on the back, knelt on the ground in pain.

“It hurts!”

The moment Mu Zhao lashed her whip, she wanted to stop.

Nan Wan was dodging in the wrong direction!

The assistant director shouted, “Mu Zhao, whats wrong with you!”

“Director, Nan Wan dodged in the wrong direction.

You already said that she should dodge to the east, but she dodged to the west by herself.” Mu Zhao was not used to a missys temper.

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