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Nan Wan happened to be sitting at the side.

When she saw Ning Yu, her eyes were filled with a hint of mockery.

Nan Wan recognized that Ning Yu was the girl who had been with Mu Zhao.

She flipped through the script and the corners of Nan Wans mouth curled up slightly.

“Youre here to look for Mu Zhao, right Shes currently acting with the director.

Why dont you sit down for a while”

Ning Yu did not expect Nan Wan to be so polite to her and even let her sit down.

She looked around and saw that there was only a chair beside her.

Ning Yu sat down.

“Thank you.”

Nan Wan chuckled.

“Youre welcome.”

And just as she sat down, there was silence beside her.

Ning Yu naturally noticed that the way the people around her looked at her had changed.

But what was wrong with her sitting here

At this moment, Mu Zhao finished the scene with the director.

When she saw Ning Yu, she strode over and said in a low voice, “Why are you sitting here You cant sit here”

“Why cant I sit here” Ning Yu looked at the chair and asked, “Is this a private chair”

The production team would put a lot of chairs for the actors to rest.

Some actors would bring their own chairs over.

“This is Chu Yuans chair.

He hates it when others touch his things!” Mu Zhao lowered her voice.

“Previously, Nan Wan sat for a while, but Chu Yuan threw that chair away and replaced it with a new one.”

Ning Yu, who was sitting on the new chair, was speechless.

After hearing that this was a private chair, Ning Yu was ready to stand up.

However, it was already too late.

Chu Yuan had already seen her.

Ning Yu stood up and said apologetically, “Im sorry, I didnt know that this chair couldnt be sat on.”

Nan Wan sat at the side and watched the show.

When she first came to the set, she had been reminded that Chu Yuan had slight mysophobia and didnt like others to touch his things.

However, Nan Wan thought highly of herself.

How could she listen to others

Therefore, when Nan Wan saw that Chu Yuans chair was empty and it was a comfortable resting chair, she laid down on it.

In the end, Chu Yuan had a cold expression and asked his assistant to throw the chair away and buy a new one.

Although Chu Yuan did not lose his temper, this kind of disdainful action was undoubtedly a slap to her face.

Therefore, when Nan Wan saw that Ning Yu had come, she deliberately let Ning Yu sit on Chu Yuans chair.

Seeing Chu Yuan walk over, Nan Wan was ready to enjoy Ning Yus awkward moment.

Although Chu Yuan looked gentle, when he was angry, his aura was very cold and heavy.

“Its okay.

If you want to sit, just sit.

Its more comfortable to lie down.” Chu Yuan smiled and asked, “Are you thirsty Ill ask my assistant to get you some water.”

Although it was a question, Chu Yuan had already ordered his assistant to get water from the car, and he even specifically asked for room temperature water.

Everyone present was shocked.

This was not how they had expected things to unfold!

Previously, Nan Wan had only sat down for a moment before she received Chu Yuans cold face.

But now that Ning Yu was sitting in Chu Yuans chair, she was treated differently.

He even asked his assistant to fetch water for her!

“Ill be fine after standing for a while,” Ning Yu said.

“You guys go and film.

Dont worry about me.”

Awkwardness floated in the air.

On the other side, the assistant director was urging them to go on stage to film.

“You can just sit here.

My chair is very comfortable.” Chu Yuan looked at Ning Yu reluctantly and said, “After I finish filming, Ill treat you to a meal.”

From what he said, the two of them knew each other!

Everyone looked at Chu Yuan and then at Ning Yu.

“Im meeting Zhaozhao for a meal,” Ning Yu said.

“Then lets go together.” Chu Yuan said.

Ning Yu looked at Mu Zhao.

Mu Zhao didnt dare to say no.

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