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After knowing that someone had intentionally bumped into Shi Xi, causing her to be injured, Shi Xus eyes instantly turned cold.

Han Chuan continued, “Yesterday, I brought the lawyer to Yanjing and was preparing the prosecution documents.”

“But today, the police came to our door and said that along with the driver, a few people had their legs broken and wanted to record our statements.”

Shi Xu:

Han Chuan said, “The police suspect that we were the ones who got someone to beat them up.”

“…Hows the situation now” Shi Xu leaned back in his chair and pressed between his brows.

Han Chuan said, “Those few people have their legs broken and are currently in the hospital.”

“The police have just finished recording their statements.

We were all at the hotel yesterday, and there was no evidence to prove that we were the ones who got someone to injure them.”

“In addition, those few people were willing to pay the money and settle the matter privately.

Two of the illegitimate fans are still in school and are afraid of leaving a criminal record.”

“I was just about to call Shi Xi and ask her what kind of result she wanted.

Should we continue to press charges”

Shi Xus eyes were cold.

“Who was the one who broke their legs”

Han Chuan sighed.

“I really dont know.

Yanjing isnt a place Im familiar with.

I didnt do anything rash.”

In Yanjing.

A name flashed across Shi Xus mind.

Xie Yunzhou

That might not be the case.

He only found out about Xi Xis injury today.

How could Xie Yunzhous news be better than his

“Continue with the lawsuit.

I wont accept any more private matters,” Shi Xu said calmly.

“Dont worry about the financial compensation.

We must make sure they are punished.”

The Shi family did not lack money.

“Alright.” Han Chuan knew what Shi Xu meant.

He wanted to send them to jail.

Among those illegitimate fans, two of them were still in school.

But this was not an excuse for them to escape the law.

Shi Xu said, “If anything happens to Xi Xi in the future, report it to me immediately.”

After hanging up, Shi Xu looked at Xie Yunzhous cell phone number.

Forget it.

It didnt matter whether he did it or not.


Shi Xis variety show was over.

There was no new announcement for the time being, and the fans were all waiting to be fed.

[When can I see Shi Xi I miss my wife Xi Xi so much!]

[Is there a recent schedule Hurry up and post it, or else well have to climb the wall.]

[Isnt the company taking over the variety show while its popularity is rising Why arent there any resources Release my wife and open for business!!]

[There hasnt been any news for three days in a row, and I havent heard of any variety show after that.

Looks like Shi Xi has already been burned.]

[I said that she became famous overnight.

It seems that her popularity has reached its peak, and she can only go downhill in the future.]

The fans were looking forward to seeing Shi Xi.

The black fans were very satisfied with the current situation, especially Nan Wans fans.

At this moment, Nan Wan was filming on the set.

No matter how good her acting skills were, how popular she was with the passersby, or how well she was filming, at least she had a job, and there would be scenes that could be broadcasted in the future.

However, there had been no news about Shi Xi, so there was a high possibility that she would be ruined in the future.

Just this point alone made Nan Wans fans very satisfied.

The cast and crew of [Nine Blades of Tang].

Because Shi Xi had been replaced at the last minute, all of Shi Xis scenes had to be re-filmed.

The other actors had almost no objections to re-filming this part of the opposite scene.

Even if they were dissatisfied, they did not dare to say it directly.

After a few days of polishing, Nan Wan was finally able to continue filming smoothly.

It was not that her acting skills had improved, but it was that they had lowered the requirements for her acting skills.

Ning Yu came to the set to visit the crew and gave some ointment to Mu Zhao.

When she arrived at the set, the assistant director was explaining the scene to Mu Zhao.

Ning Yu did not disturb her.

She was going to find an inconspicuous place to sit for a while and wait for Mu Zhao.

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