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The new series started filming a month later.

Shi Xis ankle was injured again, so Han Chuan did not give her any more jobs, letting her rest and study the script.

As for the matter of Shi Xis injury, Han Chuan did not take it out to sell it.

Shi Xi also felt that rather than making her fans worry, it was better to wait for her ankle to recover and work in peace.

Anyway, if this news got out, the black fans would only say that she was selling misery.

Shi Xi looked at the script in her hands and thought to herself that she was really miserable!

With her foot in a cast, it meant that she could not move around, could not shop, and could not spend money.

Then what was she doing with so much money!

Shopping online

Just as Shi Xi was feeling dejected, Shi Xu came back from work.

When he saw Shi Xi sitting in her wheelchair, Shi Xu was stunned.

It had only been a few days.

How did Shi Xi end up in a wheelchair

When Mother Shi saw her son return, she said sadly, “Shi Xu, your sister will never be able to stand up again.”


Shi Xi: “”

She should let Mother Shi put on an act.

There were too many acts.

Shi Xi did not expose her and said firmly, “Mom, dont be sad.

It doesnt hurt.”

Shi Xus footsteps were heavy.

He took a deep breath and said, “Its okay.

Ill take care of you in the future.”


Even though he did not know what had happened.

“Ill contact the best doctor for you.

Ill definitely make you stand up.” Shi Xu walked to Shi Xis side and looked down at the wheelchair.

He asked, “Is this wheelchair electric”

Shi Xi showed off excitedly and said, “Thats right! I dont need anyone to push it.

I just need to press it and it will move forward on its own! It can even turn on its own!”

Pressing the forward button, Shi Xi rammed toward the vase in the living room.


Oh f*ck!

Which one was the brake!

Shi Xi, who was not very familiar with wheelchairs, pressed it from left to right and finally stopped the wheelchair in front of the vase.

Sure enough, there was a risk in driving a wheelchair.

One had to be careful when driving a wheelchair.


Shi Xu walked forward and pushed the wheelchair back.

“Tell me, whats wrong with your leg”

“Exactly, I just cant stand up.” Shi Xi continued to make up stories.

“If you couldnt stand up, Mom would have called me back long ago and brought you to the hospital for treatment.” Shi Xu was not stupid.

He had been distracted for a moment just now because he was concerned about Shi Xi.

After calming down, he knew that Mother Shi and Shi Xi were joking.

Shi Xi said, “When we were in Yanjing, the car was rear-ended.

I sprained my ankle.

Luckily, it didnt hurt the bone.

The cast can be removed in half a month.”

Shi Xu raised his eyebrows and asked, “Thats it”

“What else could it be” Shi Xi asked back.

Shi Xu asked, “Wheres the driver who crashed into your car”

“Brother Han is handling it.” Shi Xi looked at Shi Xu and said, “It was just a small accident.”

Shi Xu snorted.

“Be careful in the future.”

Shi Xi: “…Okay.”

She couldnt just be careful about such things!

Who knew that someone would intentionally bump into her!

“Oh right, Ive been resting at home recently, so I can knit a scarf for you.” Shi Xi controlled the wheelchair to the edge of the sofa and picked up the bag of wool.

“Brother, what color do you like”

Shi Xu: …So I cant escape


He had seen the scarf that Shi Xi had knitted before.

It was a white scarf with potholes on it.

It was very difficult to associate it as a scarf.

It could only be said that it was a mess that had been smoothed out.

It could only be rolled up and worn around the neck.

Forget it, as long as it could be worn.

Shi Xu picked out a khaki color and said, “This one.”

Mother Shi said from the side, “Then Ill knit you a sweater in this color with a giant panda on it.”

Shi Xu: “…Thank you, Mom.”

“Arent you going to thank Little Sister” Shi Xi picked up the ball of yarn and prepared to start.

“I remembered that I still have work to do.” Shi Xu got up.

“Im going to the study.”

He ran away.

When he reached the study, Shi Xu asked Han Chuan how Shi Xi was injured.

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