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At the hospital.

After taking the scans, the orthopedic doctor looked carefully and decided to place a cast on Shi Xis left ankle.

When Zhu Lin saw that Shi Xi was going to be in a cast, she said in shock, “Is it that serious I thought she doesnt have a fracture”

“Its not only in the case if she has a fracture that she needs to be cast.

The ligament around her ankle is injured and needs to be fixed with a cast to stabilize the joint.

This is beneficial to the healing of the ligaments.” The orthopedic doctor did not chase after celebrities.

He did not recognize Shi Xi, and asked Zhu Lin, “Who are you to her”

Zhu Lin replied, “Im her assistant.”

The orthopedic surgeon replied with an “Oh.” He handed over a list and said, “Then go pay the bill.

“Theres no need to stay in the hospital.

Ill put on a cast today.

Ill come back for a check-up in half a month.

If theres nothing else, I can remove it.”

Shi Xi asked, “After you remove it, how long will it take for you to exercise normally Things like running and dancing.”

“After you remove it, dont do any strenuous exercise for a month.

For example, long-distance running and playing basketball.

You can walk slowly.

If your ankle hurts, stop immediately.” The doctor looked at the scan.

“Theres no bone injury.

Its not very serious.

As long as you recover well, you can still exercise normally in the future.”

Hearing this, Shi Xi and Zhu Lin both heaved a sigh of relief.

Zhu Lin took the list and sighed as she went to pay the bill.

What the f*ck was going on!

Fortunately, the new series would only start filming in a month, and Shi Xi only needed to be in a cast for half a month.

It was too tragic.


The next day.

Shi Xi was in a wheelchair and was pushed into the Shi family home.

Because she was wearing a short skirt, Shi Xi covered her legs with a coat, conveniently covering her swollen ankle that had been cast.

Mother Shi was in the living room finishing up the sweater when she saw Shi Xi sitting in the wheelchair with her legs covered.

She was so shocked that the sweater fell to the ground.

“Xi Xi, how, how did you become like this Wheres your leg Why did you suddenly amputate” Mother Shi widened her eyes.

When she saw Shi Xi sitting in the wheelchair with her lower body covered, she thought that Shi Xi had amputated her leg.


“Leg The leg is still there.” Shi Xi picked up her coat and said, “Its a sprained ankle.

Its been cast.”

Mother Shi: “…”

Seeing that her leg was still intact, oh no, it had been cast, Mother Shi sat back on the sofa and stroked her chest.

When she looked over just now, she thought that Shi Xis leg was gone.

She was scared to death.

“What happened Why is your leg injured” Mother Shi asked.

Compared to amputation, an ankle injury with a cast could be considered a minor injury.

“I was in a car accident.” Shi Xi did not explain in detail.

She vaguely talked it over and said, “Its fine.

The bones are not broken or fractured.

The doctor said that the cast will only need to be fixed for half a month before it can be removed.”

“If you go to school properly, will you be in a car accident” Mother Shi did not like Shi Xi going to the entertainment industry.

She picked up the sweater that was more than half knitted on the ground, she nagged, “Why do you have to be a celebrity How much money can you earn Study well and join your fathers company in the future.

How can you be left out Being a celebrity is hard, tiring, and youre being scolded.

I really dont know what youre thinking!”

As Shi Xi listened to Mother Shis nagging, she thought to herself that she had thought deeply.

No matter how good the company was, it still belonged to the Shi family.

If she really went in and got a share of the profits, who knew what would happen to her

Only the business that she worked hard for was hers.

Shi Xi looked at the yarn and said, “It just so happens that I have time now.

I can knit a scarf for Father and Brother!”

The scarf that she had knitted for Ning Yu previously had already been given to her.

She was still lacking Father Shi and Shi Xu.

Mother Shi felt that they were so miserable.

They still couldnt escape.

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