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Shi Xi only made a few casual comments before she started reading the script.

Just as she was reading the script, the originally stable car suddenly shook.


The car behind them crashed into them.

Shi Xi was still holding the tablet in her hand.

Her body leaned forward and her head directly knocked against the back of the front seat.


“What happened”

The driver in the front seat pulled the car to the side and said, “I was rear-ended.

Ill go down and take care of it.”

Zhu Lin looked at Shi Xi and hurriedly asked, “Is your face okay Did you hurt yourself”

Shi Xi rubbed her forehead.

“My face should be fine.”

Zhu Lin looked at the tablet that had fallen and said, “Its fine.

Ill buy a new one if the tablet is broken.”

“Its not the tablet.” Shi Xi took a deep breath.

“I think I sprained my ankle.

Lets go to the hospital and get an X-ray.”

Zhu Lin panicked.

“Ill call Brother Han.”

Shi Xi: …Han Chuan isnt a doctor!!

When Han Chuan received the call and knew that the two of them had been rear-ended, the first thing he did was to show concern for Shi Xis face.

“Is her face alright”

“Her face is fine.

Her forehead is a little red and swollen,” Zhu Lin said.

“But Xi Xi seems to have sprained her ankle.

Which hospital in Yanjing do we need to go to”

Shi Xi understood.

As a public figure, she could not go to the hospital easily.

No one knew what would happen if they were photographed and uploaded online.

Han Chuan gave Zhu Lin an address and asked the two to go to the designated hospital.

After Zhu Lin received it, she looked out of the window.

The driver had not been properly coordinated with.

“Ill go down to take a look.

Be careful and dont move,” Zhu Lin warned.

Shi Xi leaned against the back of her chair and thought to herself,I cant move even if I want to.

‘It hurts so much!

How could she be so unlucky

Just as she was thinking, Shi Xi saw a few girls crying outside the car window.

Zhu Lin went down and said something, causing the girls to cry even harder.

Shi Xi: “”

Stop chatting!

Her ankle was more important!

Shi Xi rolled down the car window and asked, “Whats wrong”

Zhu Lin walked back in a huff and said, “Those are illegitimate fans.

They were following the car and bumped into us on purpose!”

Shi Xi was very puzzled.

“They bumped into us on purpose”

What a huge grudge!

When the illegitimate fans saw Shi Xi, they looked over with tears in their eyes and bowed apologetically.

“Im sorry.”

The traffic police in this area rushed over to handle it.

Shi Xi made a prompt decision and said, “Let the driver handle it.

Send me to the hospital first.”

Zhu Lin left the driver behind to deal with it and brought Shi Xi to the hospital first.

“The fans these days are really… Do you know what theyre saying They intentionally bumped into you just to get a closer look at you.

How can there be such people Arent they afraid of causing a major accident”

Zhu Lin was so angry that she honked the horn.

Shi Xi leaned against the back of her chair and asked, “Then did you record it just now”

Zhu Lin was stunned.


“If we can find evidence to prove that they intentionally bumped into us, then well sue them for intentional assault.” Shi Xi tapped on her phone and said, “Ill contact Brother Han and ask him to help find a powerful lawyer.”

Zhu Lin said in surprise, “Were really… really going to sue them Cant we just settle this privately”

Shi Xi said, “If we let them off so easily this time, theyll dare to do it again.”

Zhu Lin looked at Shi Xi through the rearview mirror.

When she saw that she had really called Han Chuan to tell him about this matter, she was speechless.

Shi Xis temper had always been good.

Zhu Lin had thought that Shi Xi would be tolerant of everything.

She had not expected that Shi Xi would be angry as well.

Zhu Lin looked at Shi Xis expression again.

It was so calm that no anger could be seen at all.

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