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Although everyone knew that whether it was fame, votes, or strength, Bai Cangyang would definitely win first place, however, the stage lights were flashing, and the background music was playing non-stop.

The atmosphere at the venue became more and more solemn.

The netizens all wanted to see if Bai Cangyang was second…

How interesting would that be!

It would be too interesting!

Many people with dark hearts secretly wanted to see the scene of Bai Cangyang being second.

Even Shi Xi was thinking that if Jiang Haiyu took first place, this show would definitely be trending on the search engines for two days.

The lights flashed for dozens of seconds before they finally stopped.

Shen Hanquan announced, “The trainee who won first place in [Star Idol] is…”

“Bai Cangyang!”

“At the same time, Congratulations to Trainee Jiang Haiyu for winning second place in [Star Idol]!”

“Please let Jiang Haiyu give his speech first.”

Shi Xi heaved a sigh of relief.

At least the program team didnt mess up the rankings for the sake of traffic.

The trainees who had yet to form a group were silently clapping and applauding for their friends across the stage.

This journey had finally come to an end.

The nine trainees who had formed a group were dancing their own group dance on the stage.

The trainees who had not formed a group were silently dancing along below the stage.

Everyone had to learn the group dance before the finals.

In the end, only nine people were able to dance on the stage.

Shi Xi thought that she would not have to come to the recording studio in the future, and that she probably would not see these people very often.

She felt a little sad in his heart.

The stage would finally come to an end.

It was the end.

It was also a new beginning.


After the commotion ended, the trainees all received their phones.

In the end, Li Jinfan volunteered and walked up to Shi Xi.

“Sister Xi, can I add you on WeChat”

Shi Xi: “Sure.”

Li Jinfans smile widened.

When he heard the group of voices behind him, Li Jinfan felt helpless and asked, “Sister Xi, us trainees have a group chat.

Can I invite you in”

Shi Xi nodded.

“Sure, but I dont often read WeChat group messages.”

“Its fine.

You can block it,” Li Jinfan suggested.

Shi Xi: …Didnt know what to say.

After joining the group, Shi Xi saw that the group was filled with [Star Idol] trainees.

She looked at the list carefully.

Shen Hanquan, Shuo Nan, Ai Yi, and even Teacher Zheng Feicai were all in this group.

They had probably blocked the group messages as well.

Hence, Shi Xi felt at ease and blocked the group messages.

This was because this group of boys was really good at chatting.

Li Jinfan whispered again, “If someone adds you on WeChat, just pretend that you didnt see it and ignore it.”

Bai Cangyang called out to him from behind, “Jinfan, were going for an interview.”

“Coming right away.” Li Jinfan was worried and stepped on his friends again.

“Theyre all not good people!”

Shi Xi: “…”

There was a saying that goes like this: a nest of snakes and rats.

Forget it.

Shi Xi finished the interview and was ready to go back to rest.

After getting into the car, Zhu Lin handed the tablet over and said, “Xi Xi, this is the script for the new drama.

Would you like to take a look”

Shi Xi took the tablet and looked at the production team before asking, “The male lead, Lou Ruicong Who is he”

“Hes the male artiste that Kuai Xue signed a contract with.

He came from a professional class and is very handsome.” Zhu Lin used her phone to search and showed Shi Xi Lou Ruicongs Weibo.

She said, “Thats him.”

Lou Ruicong, an artist signed by Kuai Xue Entertainment.

His representative work, [Divine Wind of the Raging Fire].

Number of fans: 2,000,000

The latest Weibo post was a selfie of him.

He was indeed very handsome.


Shi Xi was silent for a moment before asking, “Arent there any male actors that are more popular”

Why did this person have fewer fans than her

Zhu Lin put away her phone and said awkwardly, “Brother Han said that its too expensive to hire actors from outside.

Its cheaper to hire our own artists.”

Moreover, it was a waste to leave the signed artists unused all the time!

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