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Other than Quan Gaoyis fans and anti-fans, the other netizens were all guessing how many fans Shi Xi could gain overnight.

Did she forget to turn off the fan-raising machine

Shi Xis Weibo followers soared all the way from 1,400,000 to 2,000,000, 3,000,000…

The artist who gained the fastest fans.


A night passed.

Shi Xi woke up and looked at the time, only to find that the cannon fodder girl had sent her more than a dozen WeChat messages.

Tao Yuxuan: [Your Weibo followers are too few, Ill buy some for you.

Youre welcome.]

[Oh f*ck, why is it still rising Did you buy it yourself]

[Its already 1,000,000, I only bought 200,000 followers.

How many did you buy Lets be careful, dont buy too many at once.]

[8,000,000 followers overnight!]

Shi Xi finished reading the message, rubbed her eyes, and opened her Weibo.

In just one night, she had an account with 8,000,000 followers.

Shi Xis eyes widened in surprise.

With so many fans, if she accepted advertisements in the future, the advertising fees would definitely not be low!

PLease reading on Mybo x no v el.


No, why did her fans soar

Could it be that other than Tao Yuxuan, who else had bought her fans

One had to say, Shi Xis suspicion was very reasonable.

Shi Xi replied: [Im not sure why my fans have soared.]

Tao Yuxuan: [Youre on the hot search again.]

Shi Xi thought to herself, this cannon fodder sister ate a night melon last night.

Why did she still wake up so early in the morning

Did she not sleep

Shi Xi returned to Weibo.

The hot one from yesterday had already changed.

The new hot one topic was #Shi Xi Gained 8 Million Followers Overnight#.

[This is definitely the number one person in the history of the world with this number of followers!]

[Is the fan-buying machine not switched off She really dares to buy.

A paste actress who doesnt have any works actually dares to directly buy 8 million followers.

Is she worthy]

[I dont know if shes the number one person who has gained unprecedented followers, but shes definitely the number one person in the industry who buys followers.]

[@Weibo administrator.

Such an arrogant fan buyer.

Arent you going to stop her]

Even though they knew that buying fans from celebrities was a basic operation in the entertainment industry, buying fans so openly still caused many people to be jealous.

For a time, many righteous netizens reported that Shi Xis Weibo account had violated the rules.

Shi Xi was still immersed in the happiness of her 800,000,000 fans.

Just as she was thinking of doing something, she was reminded that her account had violated the rules and had been banned.


Shi Xi: “”


The hashtag #Shi Xis Account Has Been Banned# quickly went from the bottom of the hot searches to the top of the hot searches.

[Im dying of laughter.

Shi Xis account has been banned.

Theres nothing in it.]

[This is the end of buying fans.

Dont think that some people are really popular just because theyre pretty.]

[Welcome to internal entertainment.]

[You must have spent a lot of money to buy so many fans, right Tsk tsk, youve wasted all your money.]

The black fans were mocking Shi Xi, describing her as a useless vase.

Shi Xi thought to herself, she was indeed a useless vase.

‘Forget it, Ill go to work.

She could create another account if she lost it.

After all, she wasnt the one who bought the 8 million fans, so Shi Xi didnt feel the slightest bit of heartache.

On the other hand, Tao Yuxuan and Yun Guanghe sent messages to express their condolences.

They were extremely heartbroken that such an excellent account had been banned.


Shi Xi: [If you have time to feel sorry for my account, why dont you feel sorry for me!]

She had already been scolded to such an extent by the netizens!

Tao Yuxuan: [Feel sorry for you for what Feel sorry for you for having three hot searches every two days]

Shi Xi: “…”

The joys and sorrows of humans were not connected.

There were many people who scolded Shi Xi, but there were also many people who liked Shi Xi.

[Xi Xi is really beautiful! So what if a celebrity buys fans Who doesnt buy fans Did they spend your money]

[Im dying of laughter.

They buy their own fans to be subservient, and beautiful women buy their own fans to fight with their fists.

They are the fighter jets that win the double targets.]



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