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“Every vote you cast is the greatest encouragement to the trainees.”

“The voting channel is closed.

The final votes and the final ranking of the trainees will be announced soon.”

The trainees who had entered the finals stood opposite the stage and looked at the nine crystal chairs on the stage from afar.

It was only ten meters away.

But it was as far as a chasm.

Shi Xi could feel the tension in the atmosphere and said, “This is only a part of the journey of your long life.”

“No matter what the final outcome is, you must believe that you once shone on the stage of [Star Idol].”

“In the future, you will all go to a brighter distance.”

The lights fell on the stage, on the nine bright chairs.

In the end, there were only nine people who formed a group.

Shen Hanquan said, “After the netizens votes, the nine people who obtained the highest number of votes will form theNDH male group to debut!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the large screen at the back of the stage displayed a huge logo of the groups name.

Shi Xi continued to read the card and said, “NDH is taken fromNine Dark Horses.

We hope that the nine trainees who formed a group can break through the encirclement like dark horses in the future and shine on a bigger stage.”

After the introduction, it was time to announce the rankings.

With every name read out, the hearts of everyone present felt as if they were being squeezed.

“…The person who obtained the sixth place in the popularity poll is Li Jinfan from Jiayi Entertainment!”

Across the stage, Li Jinfan let out a breath.

After hugging his teammates, he received the applause and cheers from below the stage and walked toward the stage.

Shi Xi was filled with emotions.

Li Jinfan had lost a lot of fans due to the collapse of his persona.

Now that he had debuted in sixth place, it could be considered a pretty good result.

After the ranking change, Li Jinfan had long developed a strong heart.

He gladly accepted this ranking and expressed that he would do even better in the future, not letting down his fans.

And the person in fifth place was Pei Jie from the same company as Li Jinfan.

Shi Xi looked at him.

She felt that Pei Jies ranking should be higher.

Ever since Pei Jies popularity exploded, his popularity skyrocketed.

Although he was quiet, there were fans who liked to say that Pei Jie was a cold and aloof prince charming.

Shi Xi: He is really a dumb straight male.

Hearing that he got fifth place, Pei Jie finally let out a sigh of relief.

He looked a little excited.

He had always been quiet, but that did not mean that he knew nothing about the outside world or the program team.

He had never been the group member that the program team wanted from the preliminary stage to the additional auditions, to the public selection of songs…

Therefore, he had never been complacent about his past achievements.

Only when he reached the final step did he know the result.

After walking through the long corridor, Pei Jie picked up the microphone and said, “Thank you for your support.

Its because of your love that I can continue to stay on stage…”

Pei Jies speech was sincere and touching.

Many of Pei Jies fans below the stage were on the verge of tears.

Shi Xi clapped from the side, her heart filled with emotions.

She and Pei Jie were learning dance at the same dance studio, so she knew a little about Pei Jies deeds.

The company did not do anything and did not release him.

They had a bunch of trainees, so they did not manage the company well.

If the trainees wanted to leave the company, they would have to pay sky-high termination fees.

Pei Jie worked to earn money and learned dance at the dance studio.

He finally made it.

The rankings continued.

By the time the top two were announced, there were only two popular contestants left.

One was the all-around idol, Bai Cangyang, who was easy-going and magnanimous.

He was one of the most popular people in the company.

The other was the best dancer, who was domineering but gentle.

He was the teams compass, Jiang Haiyu.

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