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The lights were all on, and Shen Hanquan stood in the middle of the stage.

He smiled and said, “Hello, everyone.

Welcome to the night of the final competition of [Star Idol].

I am the sponsor: Shen Hanquan.”

Shi Xi stood beside Shen Hanquan and smiled faintly.

“I am the popularity mentor: Shi Xi~”

The applause below the stage was like thunder.

Shen Hanquan asked, “Did everyone enjoy the performance just now”

“Yes! Yes!!”

Hearing the affirmation from the audience, Shi Xis eyes curved into crescents.

“Thank you!”

Who wouldnt like to be praised, adored, and acknowledged

Meanwhile, Shi Xi using her gun to shoot the blue rose animation smoothly made it onto the trending searches.

[Star Idol] was currently the most popular variety show.

Today was the night of the finals.

The 8G surfers were all squatting in front of the screen to watch, so naturally, they were struck by Shi Xis beauty.

#Shi Xi Blue Rose#

[Ahhhh! Im going to die today because of Shi Xis beauty!]

[Everyone, youre flattering me.

Other than my wifes looks, her voice, and her graceful dance, she doesnt have any other good points (doge head).]

[Thats my wife! Im so angry that my language is so poor, and I cant describe my feelings.

I can onlyAhhhh like a mute.]

[I finally understand why the ancient emperors were so muddle-headed.

If I were the emperor, I would also want to watch beautiful women dance every day.]


The performances of the finals were still continuing, but Shi Xi was in front, and the performances at the back continued.

It was also very good to watch!

Shi Xi was a girl.

Her performance on the stage was charming and handsome, causing people to hiss and cry for their wife.

However, other than vocal instructor Zheng Feicai, the rest of the performances were all performed by male idols!

Zheng Feicai was in the middle of the vocal group.

She played and sang a lyrical song.

Those who heard it were heartbroken as they listened to it and shed tears.

Shuo Nans dancing skills were strong.

He stepped on the chair and did a backflip.

He ended his dance with one knee on the ground.

He looked at the camera with an evil and charming gaze.

He panted slightly, and the necklace hanging around his neck swayed.

Ai Yis rap was as strong as ever.

Although he was chubby, he was very flexible.

Shen Hanquan was an all-rounder in singing and dancing, and his control of the stage was like a fish in water.

When he stepped onto the stage, he enjoyed the stage.

The stage of a few male coaches was burning and handsome, with the unique fortitude of men exploding, pushing the entire finals live to the climax.

Everyone had their own highlight moments.

The audience below the stage couldnt bear to blink their eyes.

They waved their arms, and their voices were hoarse from shouting.

The netizens watching the screen couldnt take their eyes off the screen.

Shi Xi watched from below the stage and couldnt help but cheer for them.

As expected of the coaches of [Star Idol]!

They were all excellent colleagues!

The trainees who were performing on the stage carried pressure and motivation as they stepped onto the stage.

The trainees who had not debuted had less experience on the stage, but their eyes were shining with the radiance of their dreams.

That was the dazzling radiance unique to young people.

After countless rehearsals in the practice room, they only had one chance to perform on the stage.

The cruel elimination system.

The friends who left one by one…

Had already set the final chapter of the farewell finale.

“The wings of dreams, sending you and me flying–”

“On the same journey, illuminating each others light.”

[Star Idol]

There was no born idol from a star.

There was only the star path that they worked hard to achieve.

Whether it was Bai Cangyang, who was the most popular, or Pei Jie, who worked hard.

They all wanted to reach the highest position.

After a series of performances, they finally reached the end.

Shen Hanquan took the list and said, “Thank you to all the audience for supporting the trainees…”

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