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The stage lights lit up from behind.

The moment the girl turned her head, her hair seemed to glow.

Her skin was fair and beautiful, she had almond-shaped eyes, and her eyebrows were willowy.

When she smiled, she had a bright and beautiful self-confidence.

The girl held a short gun in her hand and raised it elegantly.

She blinked her left eye and aimed at the camera.


This shot seemed to have hit someone in the heart.

Shi Xi put the gun back on her waist and took two steps forward as the music played.

She kicked her legs and twisted her waist.

She opened her mouth and sang:

“Sneak into the ruins of no mans land and look at the panic in your eyes.”

“Face off against the two ends.

The muzzles of the guns are intertwined.”

Her voice was soft, but when she sang this wild song, it had a unique charm.

The girl twisted her shoulders and lifted her legs.

Her fingers swiped upwards from her calf, and when she let go, she caught a wave.

Her casual smile was like a rose undercover in the enemys territory, seducing and attracting the enemys boss.

Every movement was precise, neat, and carried a hint of seduction.

The audience below the stage watched in amazement as they waved the light sticks in their hands.

The netizens who were watching the live broadcast exclaimed, [D*mn, isnt this Alexs song She actually gave it to Shi Xi to dance]

[It must be the copyright bought by the [Star Idol].

How can Shi Xi dance to Alexs song]

[It must be the copyright bought by the program team.

Previously, Nan Wan didnt even make Alex bow down to her for 100,000 yuan.

How can Shi Xi have the money]


[Its hilarious.

The black fans cant mock Shi Xis singing and dancing.

Theyre starting to look for other black spots.]

[Xi Xis singing and dancing are so stable! This song is super hard to sing! Ahhh, Shi Xi is the best!]

[Singing this song while dancing, Shi Xi is really strong.]

[Which sour lemons are jumping around Hehe, so theyre Nan Wans fans.]


Even when it was a beautiful girl dancing, the black fans still worked diligently, afraid that no one would tarnish Shi Xis reputation.

The girl on the stage was still emitting a dazzling light.

All the lights were turned on, illuminating the brightest and most boundless stage.

“The smoke has yet to disperse, and danger pervades the air.”

“Reuniting in the deepest part of no mans land, snatching the blue romance.”

Behind her, there were a few male dancers who were tall and strong, making the girl appear petite and dainty, full of danger.

In comparison, Shi Xis movements were the most eye-catching.

Even after the intense dance, her voice was still steady and clear, without a hint of hurried breathing.

“If love requires a heart…”

“Then I will be loyal to the desire to love you, desire.”

After the chorus, the music gradually calmed down and disappeared into the end.

The stage lights were also gradually extinguished, leaving only a beam of light on Shi Xi.

The girl knelt on the stage, pointed her gun at the camera, and pulled the trigger.


A delicate and alluring blue rose bloomed from the muzzle of the gun.

From the lens, one could see the most enchanting blue rose and the clearest and purest eyes.

The beautiful eyes looked at the lens, blinked slightly, and gave a faint smile, presenting the perfect ending lens.

[In the dangerous no mans land filled with smoke, I give you the most romantic blue enchantress.

If love requires a heart, then I will be loyal to the desire to love you, desire.]


After the music ended, Shi Xis ending pose paused for more than ten seconds before she saw theOK sign below the stage.

At the same time, the lights on the stage were completely extinguished.

Meanwhile, the audience below the stage cheered, “Encore! Encore!”

“One more time!”

“Shi Xi is so beautiful!”

“Encore!! Encore!!”

The audience below the stage gathered around shouting “Encore!” and the scene was extremely spectacular.

The stage lights were all on, and Shi Xi was already standing in the center of the stage, ready to host.

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