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Before the finals, the black fan group also dug out Shi Xis schedule.

[After Shi Xi was rejected by the production team, she never went to Yanjing to practice.

What stage could she have]

[I heard that Shi Xi is in a dance studio in Feng City.

She will definitely prepare the stage for the finals!]

[In a small place like Feng City, what can she practice Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Im just waiting to see Shi Xi make a fool of herself.]

[Shi Xi has performed on stage twice.

The first time was for the theme song.

Actually, her performance was just so-so.

She was blown away by the fans.

The performance wasnt good either.

The fans only know how to blow it up.]


It was a wave of negative comments.

Even the fans were starting to doubt their own understanding when they saw such comments.

Was Shi Xi really not good enough

Was it because they, as fans, had brought the filter of fans to watch, and that was why they felt that Shi Xi was outstanding


Ji Yin sneered when she saw this comment.

Although she didnt know who Shi Xi was blocking, for such a large-scale smear of Shi Xi to say that she was ordinary, it was definitely because someone had hired a water army and deliberately led the publics opinion in the wrong direction.

Shi Xis singing and dancing were ordinary

Ji Yin had previously chased after Gao Yi, who was at the top of the singing and dancing stream.

In her opinion, Shi Xis singing and dancing were definitely not something that an ordinary idol could do.

@You Must Have a Problem With Your Genes: [Just wait patiently for the finals.

Dont go against the black fans.]

@Harvest Your Skull With Sister Qiaos Fan: [Were already at the finals.

When the time comes, well record a direct shot of Xi Xi Zi for everyone.]

[Everyone, dont go against the anti-fans.

The black fans only want to hear what they want to hear.]

[Just focus on watching the finals!]

Just as the entire internet was paying attention to the finals of [Star Idol] and they were discussing Shi Xis strength, another piece of news about the theme song of [Nine Blades of Tang] was released.

#Alex is going to play the opening song for [Nine Blades of Tang]#

Once the news was out, the netizens did not care about the finals of [Star Idol] anymore and went to eat the melons.

[Really Really My idol has finally released a song again!]

[Oh my god, Alex hasnt released a song in two years.

Is she going to release a song for [Nine Blades of Tang] this time Ah, ah, ah! So happy! Theres another song that can be played on repeat!]

Alex, the mysterious female singer of the music industry, had suddenly appeared two years ago with a song calledShadow. After releasing the song, she had soared to the top of the music charts online.

A genius lyricist, an all-rounder singer…

Countless honors were bestowed upon her, and many programs offered her an olive branch, but this mysterious great god never paid them any attention.

After that, Alex released three more songs in a row and disappeared without a trace.

[Has it been released Where can I listen to it Ive been playing her songs over and over again! Finally, theres a new song!]

[It looks like Ill have to wait until this show airs before I can hear it.

But the future is bright, Ill be able to hear it eventually!]

[I heard that Nan Wan offered 1 million yuan to ask Alex to write a song for her.

Looks like Alex has agreed]

[Nan Wan is really rich.

As expected of the little princess of Yanjings circle.]

The direction of the wind changed in an instant, from anticipating Alexs new song to anticipating Nan Wans new song.

When the netizens saw that the song had yet to appear, they went back to watch the finals of [Star Idol].

The live broadcast of the finals was the mentors opening!

[Star Idol] Live Broadcast.

The screen was dim, and there was only one minute left before the live broadcast began.

A beam of light fell.

The girl stood on the stage with her back facing the camera.

A light purple long-sleeved dress paired with a black high-waisted short skirt made the girls legs look long and slender.

The background music sounded, and the girl turned around with her hair flowing.

A part of her partially visible blue hair was braided, and there were a few small butterfly hairpins on it.

When her long hair parted, it seemed as if there were butterflies circling around the stream.

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