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Shi Xu and Tao Yuxuan discussed for a long time, but Shi Xi didnt hear anything useful from their discussion.

When they left, Tao Yuxuan was holding a stack of books and information, feeling a little depressed.

“Alright, my brother said that he will help you.

You just need to study hard,” Shi Xi comforted her.

“If I had the ability to study, I wouldnt have fallen to such a state.” Tao Yuxuan put the books in the car, feeling extremely depressed.

Shi Xi thought about it and agreed with Tao Yuxuans words.

Even though this cannon fodder female supporting role did not have much brains, her understanding of herself was still very accurate.

Shi Xi said, “Didnt my brother give any other suggestions”

Tao Yuxuan was even sadder.

“He said that I could choose a marriage alliance.”

The corners of Shi Xis mouth twitched slightly as she carefully probed, “Are you going to be my sister-in-law”

Tao Yuxuan looked at Shi Xi.

“I would like to.”

Shi Xi: “…”

“Big Brother Shi suggested that I get a son-in-law to help me manage the company.” Tao Yuxuan looked dejected.

“But Im afraid that Ill get an ingrate.”

Tao Yuxuans thoughts were not without reason.

After all, to a man, the three greatest pleasures in life were to be promoted, get rich, and die.

Once he had money and power, he would want to change his wife.

Shi Xi asked, “Then which one do you want to choose”

Tao Yuxuan looked desperate.

“I dont even want to choose.

I dont want to get married.

I havent had enough fun yet!”

Shi Xi: “”

‘You still want to have fun at this time

‘Goodbye, you!

Tao Yuxuan had fallen into a difficult situation in her career.

If she took a step back, she would be handing over her assets to the illegitimate son.


But it was so hard to move forward.

Tao Yuxuan hugged her books and cried.

Shi Xi could not say anything to comfort her.

She could only send her blessings.

“Dont cry anymore.

Send me to the dance studio first.

I need to go practice.”

Tao Yuxuan: “…”


In the blink of an eye, it was the finals of [Star Idol].

Shi Xi had arrived at the program team ahead of time to watch the rehearsal on the stage of the finals.

At the last moment, everyone tensed up, afraid that they would make a mistake.

There were three stages for the 21 finalists.

Each stage was carefully practiced.

In addition, the trainees would prepare a short solo stage.

At this time, the mentors could only play a limited role.

Everything depended on the trainees own efforts and the votes of the fans.

Thinking of this, Shi Xi let out a breath.

There was also a stage for her tonight!

She didnt know if she would have the chance to perform and dance again after this stage.

After all, she didnt walk the path of an idol.

In the future, she might just be filming and performing variety shows.

The lights on the stage were dim.

Shi Xi walked onto the stage and let out a sigh of relief, waiting for the background music to start playing.


The final of [Star Idol] had arrived.

The netizens had ordered takeout in advance, waiting to see who would form the group in the end.

Other than the trainee fans and mentor fans, there were also many haters who were looking forward to Shi Xi making a fool of herself in the finals.

[All the previous mentors had to perform on stage.

There will be an exception this year.]

[A popularity mentor has such a nice reputation.

They dont have to do anything to be able to sit in the teachers seat and point at others.]

[How ironic.

A trainee who has been singing and dancing for eight years wont be able to make a name for himself, but a person who has never learned how to sing and dance can become a teacher.]

[Shi Xi was invited to be a popularity mentor.

She was originally there to save the situation, but the black fans like to point fingers.]

[Youre mocking Shi Xi for not being able to sing and dance.

Have you never seen Shi Xis stage before Is her singing and dancing not better than your brothers]

But the anti-fans never saw the clarification.

They only knew how to point fingers at the mulberry trees and curse the locust tree.

[I bet that Shi Xi wont be on the stage for the finals.]

[The stage for the finals is all open mic.

I bet that Shi Xi will capsize.]

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