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Shi Xi quickly said, “This is a society ruled by law.

Dont do anything stupid.”

“Im talking about returning that little wolf cub to his mother and driving them abroad.” Tao Yuxuan glanced at Shi Xi.

“What do you think Im going to say”

Shi Xi: “…Even if you send them away, what if your father finds another woman to have a child with”

Tao Yuxuan was silent.

Shi Xi said, “But Im not very familiar with such things.

Why dont I look for my brother later and discuss it with him”

When it came to fighting for a family fortune, one should look for a professional.

Tao Yuxuan was two years older than Shi Xi.

She went to school early and her studies were average.

She had long gone overseas to gild herself with gold, but she had not learned much.

If Tao Yuxuan took over the company, it would only be a few days before the company went bankrupt.

Shi Xi dyed her hair and was very satisfied with her new hair color.

Among her long black curly hair, only one or two strands of blue were faintly discernible.

It was low-key and ostentatious.

Tsk, it was beautiful!

After coming out of the hair salon, Shi Xi even deliberately looked around.

“What are you looking for” Tao Yuxuan asked.

“Theres a money swindler nearby who often comes out to swindle people,” Shi Xi said cautiously.

Tao Yuxuan came to a sudden realization.

“Is it a thin and small man He was caught and brought to the police station.”

Shi Xi thought about the price of the scammers items and sighed.

“Its not easy to make a small business deal.”

Tao Yuxuan said, “Dont worry about those irrelevant people.

Quickly bring me to Big Brother Shi!”

“Didnt you think about finding him yourself” Shi Xi asked.

“Im sorry.” Tao Yuxuan smiled awkwardly.

“Im not that close to Big Brother Shi either.”

Shi Xi thought about it and agreed.

With Tao Yuxuans tireless personality, Shi Xu should have stayed as far away as possible.

Shi Xi asked again, “Didnt you go to Leng Qiankun to discuss it”

Tao Yuxuan said, “The idea Leng Qiankun gave me, its the same idea youre thinking of.”

Shi Xi: What idea did I think of

She didnt think of any idea — the idea of cracking the wolf cub

That was indeed Leng Qiankuns style.

Shi Xi shut her mouth.

When they reached the Shi Corporation, Shi Xu listened to Tao Yuxuans description.

With a gentle smile on his face, he said to Tao Yuxuan, “If you want to learn how to manage a company, I can find some time to teach you.”

“But dealing with family matters… Im sorry, I dont have any good methods either.”

It was difficult for an upright official to settle family matters.

Shi Xi did not want to get involved with the Tao familys matters at all.

Tao Yuxuan looked at Shi Xu.

“Big Brother Shi, do you think that I can take over the Tao Corporation after studying for a month”

Shi Xu replied, “Itll be faster if you dream.”

The two of them discussed while Shi Xi lay on the sofa at the side and started to search for news about the Tao Corporation.

The Tao family had started from selling household appliances.

Although Father Taos character was bad, he had made a lot of money from selling electrical appliances back then.

Now, he had opened his own power plant.

The shadow of the Tao family could almost be seen in almost all the small household appliances in Feng City.

Although they were in the lower end of the market, they were better at being cheap and having a high turnover.

Father Tao was currently in his prime, and he would not give up his power easily.

He still wanted to groom his son to be the successor.

After Shi Xi finished reading the information on the Tao Corporation, she went to look at the current stock market situation of the Tao Corporation.

It was very stable, very good.

She did not expect that scumbag to be so good at doing business.

After reading these, Shi Xi listened to a few more sentences from Tao Yuxuan, and she suddenly felt resentful that she did not live up to her expectations.

As long as Tao Yuxuan could inherit one-tenth of her fathers business ability, she would not be a good-for-nothing.

Shi Xi thought of herself again.

Fortunately, she didnt have to inherit the company, so she could be a good-for-nothing in peace.


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